Liz Marsh

Athletes of all disciplines have a shorthand. They share tips and tricks with each other, and inside jokes about the hardships and triumphs. Someone new to a sport will often have to learn these things the hard way, unless they are lucky enough to have a Sport Ambassador. The Ambassador is generally the person who convinced you to take up a new sport, and their job is equal parts informational and motivational.

My friend Rachael convinced me to do a triathlon with her last year. She helped me learn about the gear, set up and transition. She was also responsible for fetching water and napkins when I came down with a case of pre-race “success vomit.”

The Sport Ambassador is essential in getting the newbie to stick with their new hobby. I may have lost sight of that last week when my friend Jeanine asked my advice.

Jeanine: So I have been hiking like a maniac and I was wearing bike shorts. And yesterday the right leg kept riding up, while the left leg stayed down. And the left bike short leg rubbed on my bare leg and now I have a weird rash on my inner thigh.

Since you’ve run 1,000,000 miles, I’m wondering if this has happened to you and how to fix it? Or do I just power through it and hope it rubs away my entire inner thigh so I have a thigh gap?

Liz: It’s called Chub Rub.

Jeanine: Fuck you.

Liz: No really. But skinny people get it too. Don’t let your thigh rub against anything else, i.e. pants, or your other thigh. It will only get more raw and hurt-y. It will probably just go away on its own, unless you repeat the same action that hurt it in the first place. So don’t hike. Or don’t wear short shorts.

If you must wear short shorts you can put deodorant on the inside of your thighs. I like to do this during skirt season as well, keeps things fresh. Also they make fancy thigh lube, you should definitely check that out.

Jeanine: So what you’re telling me is I should stop wearing shorts, I should keep my legs spread, and cover myself in lube and deodorant?

Liz: Yes.

Jeanine: That doesn’t sound as appealing to me as I had hoped. I think I’ll just smoke a bunch of cigarettes instead.

Liz Marsh’s “Running Under the Influence” runs in the Colorado Daily twice a month.

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