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  • Avery is leaving its Arapahoe Avenue location, so head to...

    Jeremy Papasso / Staff Photographer

    Avery is leaving its Arapahoe Avenue location, so head to the party there this weekend.

  • Alex Sieh



When I graduated from college, we spent a few hours with a bottle of sangria and “Spice World.” We then proceeded to walk down the street, second and third bottles in hand, to the party my newsroom pals were hosting.

Not much is known from then on, aside from the donning of ponchos and many, many selfies.

Then there was the “going away” party we hosted when our pal was heading back to school for the semester. And when I say hosted, I mean I wrote how the party wasn’t fake on a white board and put out the beer pong table about an hour before guests showed up.

The point, dear friends, is that while my crew are pro-status at inventing useless parties (that often involve themed clothing of some kind), we can’t seem to host a good farewell bash. (This may be because we haven’t had too many farewells in our group. We’re of the “I like it here, I shall stay forever” mindset.)

We have a lot to learn. And the folks at Avery Brewing (5763 Arapahoe Ave.), well, they’re ready to teach.

The brewery has become such a big deal that it has built bigger digs at 4910 Nautilus Ct. (Grand opening is Monday, Feb. 16. Write it down. Now.) But that means we must bid adieu to the hole-in-the-wall spot we’ve come to know and love, and curse under our breath when we can’t find any parking for the love of…

Leave it to those crafty beer experts to go out with a bang.

From Friday ’til Monday, Avery will be unleashing rare beers starting at 11 a.m. Friday, you can grab a Mayan Goddess (with her permission), the Czar Russian Imperial Stout spiced with chilies, vanilla beans, cacao nibs and cinnamon, among a few others. Or Saturday, get into Buddha’s Pants, a “neutral barrel aged, soured karma with galangal ginger and lemongrass.”

On Sunday, brewers have blended four beers to create Ratman 10,000, and they’ve amped up Mephistopheles’ Stout with habanero and chocolate to make the Chupacabra, released on Monday.

For the love of beer, go raise a glass and cheers the place where it all began.

I know you’ve all been enjoying your stouts at Mountain Sun Brewery, among others. That’s good. But here’s an added bonus: Each Friday during Stout Month, you can meet the brewers at 6 p.m. at different locations. This Friday, head to the Southern Sun (627 S. Broadway, Boulder) and Vine St. Brewery (1700 Vine St., Denver) locations to meet the men behind the beer. They’ll give you a tour and hook you up with a casual stout tasting, too.

And once you’re done shmoozing with the brewers, head over to Club 156 Friday at 9 p.m. CU’s Program Council has set up a kick-ass show with Policulture, a Boulder reggae band ready to get you moving. Amoramora and Tenth Mountain Division will also be there, for what’s bound to be a jammin’ night. Tickets are $10:

And because we all like free things, the folks at West Flanders Brewing Co. (1125 Pearl St.) can hook you up with free parking for the rest of February when you join them for lunch — just bring your parking stub in from the Spruce Street garage.

This is the place where you can get things like “The Island” flatbread, with kalamata olives and artichoke hearts, or a “Brooklyn Dog,” a pork frankfurter with sauerkraut, giardiniera salsa, cheese, peppers and Angry Monk mustard. Pair those with a pint, and you’re good to go. (Just reading about their Trippel Lutz Belgian Trippel has me all kinds of thirsty.)

Alexandra Sieh:,

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