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    What if Beck collaborated with Taylor Swift? Kanye would probably love it.



This year’s Grammys left me thinking. Beck and Taylor Swift should collaborate.

I primarily watch the Grammys because of people like Kanye West. He makes the show entertaining while he keeps us wondering, “what’s going to happen next?” Otherwise it’s just another long, drawn-out awards show, with occasional cool performances.

Beyonce as a contender for album of the year was exciting — but not necessarily because I thought she deserved to be in the category (although I did), but because I was curious to see if Kanye would pull another stunt if her album didn’t win. Or, for that matter, what he would do if Beyonce did win.

It was shocking that she didn’t win, but what was perhaps more shocking was that Beck did. And even more shocking was that Kanye didn’t offer his thoughts until after the show, ruining all the fun for all of us. But being the entertainer he is, he clearly couldn’t let the people down, so at least he pretended to interrupt.

But the whole speech-interruption hoax was not Kanye’s only involvement in this year’s spectacle. The lyrical genius performed a new single that featured the odd, yet fascinating combination of Rihanna and…. Paul McCartney?!?

The trio performed their pop collaboration “FourFiveSeconds,” and it truly is a buttered-popcorn jelly bean of a track. There’s the butter and popcorn: Kanye and Rihanna, which is an element that makes sense. Then there’s the wild card, the unfitting jelly-bean element: Paul McCartney. But just like buttered-popcorn jelly beans, I like the song; it may not be for everyone, but it’s different.

It got me wondering if 2015 is the year of unusual collaborations. If so, I think that Taylor Swift and Beck need to collaborate. I hope they listen to and follow through with this idea, preferably in time for next year’s Grammys.

The title of the song, you ask? It would make sense to title it none other than, “We’re Losers, Baby, but We’ve Got a Blank Space Kanye, and we Won’t Write Your Name.”

Yes it’s wordy, but you would tune in to listen to what the two have to say about Kanye’s seeming lack of respect for either artist’s crafts — and because it’s musically odd enough to work. Additionally, Kanye would probably just be appreciative of the attention and would take it as a compliment.

Because the two musicians haven’t come together yet, I can only speculate that it would be a sassy and catchy breakup song with a lot of weird instruments and sounds. And it would be the universal pop song because it’s hipster enough to appease half of music lovers, and poppy enough to appease the other half.

It might be just enough to stir the pot for next year’s Grammys — and maybe it’ll inspire Kanye to do something else controversial. In the end we all win when (if) this happens.

Caleb Dennis: Twitter.com/TheWriterCalebD.

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