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    Michael DeMocker / The Times-Picayune


  • Crowds scream for beads on Orleans Avenue. Since we can't...

    Michael DeMocker / The Times-Picayune

    Crowds scream for beads on Orleans Avenue. Since we can't be there, let's get all cajun in Boulder on Fat Tuesday today.



Masks? Check.

Beads? Check. (I’m sure your sweater kittens are lovely, but let’s keep ’em undercover tonight, OK?)

Feathers and sequins and a healthy thirst? ALL THE CHECKS.

Good. You’re ready for Mardi Gras. (Fat Tuesday, for those ‘Merican-only folks.)

And just as we do with all other traditions that have little to do with Boulder directly, the town has embraced the debauchery that is this pseudo-holiday. Here’s a few options for those donning their sequins, in need of a stiff… drink.

The Walrus Saloon (1173 Walnut St.) will be dishing out $4 Hurricanes all night. DJPetey will handle the beats, and you’ll score free beads. No such thing as moderation with beads, OK?

The West End Tavern (926 Pearl St.) is also bringing out Mardi Gras deals, with happy hour pricing from 3 to 6 p.m., $6 Hurricanes and $4 Abita Brewing Co. drafts. They’ll also have $12 Crispy Shrimp Po’Boy and $8 Bulleit Rye Sazarac, if you’re feeling authentic. The Reverend Moon Ensemble will hit the stage at 6 p.m., to give those feathery asses something to move to.

Centro Latin Kitchen has had a few days of pre-gaming for their grand Carnival 2015 celebration, and tonight’s when they go big. Selasee and The Fa Fa Family will be performing from 9 to 11 p.m., plus there will be drink specials — like $2 off house cocktails and $3 house red and white wines. Flowing will also be Caipirinhas, Brazil’s national cocktail, and Brandy Milk Punch, a New Orleans tradition, among other specialty cocktails.

Should you find your way to The Dairy Center for the Arts (2590 Walnut St.), you’ll start by making your own mask (always fun to hand a college kiddo a glue gun …). Then feast on Mardi Gras-centric king cake, punch and bourbon. Your first drink is free when you buy a ticket. Alexei Kazantsev will speak on Voodoo and Marti Gras traditions (so you can wow others with your holiday wisdom as you down Hurricanes at the Walrus).

Oh, and then you can hit up ZOLO Grill for dinner, and get extended happy hour specials all night if you show them your ticket from The Dairy. Sweet. Hit up for tickets.

Breweries are even getting into the New Orleans swing of things. Like Boulder Beer (2880 Wilderness Pl.), that is doling out $3 pints from 4 p.m. to close if you show ’em the beads you’ve earned (in only wholesome ways). Add in a Shrimp Po’Boy or some Cajun Gumbo and you’ve got yourself a good time.

Or over at Fate Brewing (1600 38th St.), the culinary craftsmen there have a menu full of Mardi Gras specials, like Muffaletta for lunch and Shrimp ‘n’ Grits for dinner. (I won’t even ask if you’re getting Beignets for dessert. Of course you are.)

Then there’s West Flanders Brewing (1125 Pearl St.), which keeps yammering on about alligator hot pockets. Upon further review, this is alligator meat folded with roasted peppers, scallions, tomatoes, arugula and gruyere wrapped in puff pastry. (And a house salad, because that’ll validate the rest of your day’s chubster diet.) And along with some delish brews, you can get Mardi Gras cocktails too.

Let’s show New Orleans how it’s done, eh? Huzzah for Tuesday drinking!

Alexandra Sieh:,

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