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I’m not one for making fake Coachella posters theorizing the lineup before it’s released, but I do like to take my guesses.

I am excited to see what 2015’s Riot Fest will bring to Denver, especially since the dates have been released ( Aug. 28-30), although the location is yet to be announced.

I wish I could see into the future — and I wish promoters could just put a Biggie Smalls hologram to perform as the main act. But since neither of those can happen, here are three fact-based theories I have on who may be performing — or at least what musicians the festival may be targeting.

The first is a bit of a dream, and until recently it seemed that may be all it could be. But since the 2015 return of Modest Mouse, it would make sense that the band could play a couple dates of the tour. After an eight-year album hiatus, the group recently released its newest LP, Strangers to Ourselves.

The festival is known for hosting big rock names who have been in hiding for a period of time. Bringing Modest Mouse to headline makes sense. The album — and its announcement — stirred up a ton of buzz. The Washington rock group has been in hiding too long and playing Riot Fest would be timely for the musicians to get in front of the waiting fans.

Next up, I think the festival will bring Kendrick Lamar as a headliner — maybe not a top one, but a headliner nonetheless. The rapper is certainly on the rise, especially after his latest release, To Pimp a Butterfly, which came on the heels of a successful release in 2012. It would make sense for him to be on the bill because he is a buzzing artist right now as well as a hipster-esque rapper who has a unique enough sound for a festival that calls itself a “side show.” Lamar is unique in that he creates a sound that strays from the mainstream and is reminiscent of old-school rap. And since Riot Fest often books old-school rap acts, a new artist with an old-school sound like Lamar would be appealing.

Finally, Faith No More seems very likely for the 2015 lineup. Riot Fest often incorporates ’90s groups. Last year it was Primus, Social Distortion and Weezer. The year before was Rancid and Public Enemy. So this year, Faith No More would be a good bet because the group has become relevant again with its planned May release of a new album, So Invictus. Granted, the band was not as big as many of its peers at the time in the ’90s, but is still iconic — if for no other reason than the song “Epic” (which is titled appropriately as one of the ’90s generation’s anthems).

Or, it could just be One Direction at Riot Fest 2015. Who knows. The festival always brings surprises, and I am excited to see what is in store for this year.

Caleb Dennis:

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