Caleb Dennis

Red Rocks concert season is just about ready to go into full swing, and I could not be more excited, and yet, terrified.

I am excited because the venue has managed to bring in one of the best summer lineups I have ever seen. I’m terrified because the lineup is good enough to make me want to be irresponsible and buy tickets to all the shows and disregard paying my rent. And that’s a scary thought.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe I could be that irresponsible. So far though, I have bought tickets to two of my favorites in the lineup. I started by buying tickets to see Ben Folds with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. I know that Folds’ brilliant mind collaborating with a full orchestra is bound to create an amazing show.

The same day, I also bought tickets to see Death Cab For Cutie
, which is a show I have waited my whole life to see. But had I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy tickets for them until they released an album I loved as much as Transatlantisism, and because I love the newest release, Kintsugi, it seemed time.

But this year’s lineup features many other awesome bands.

Aside from the shows mentioned above, four in particular stand out as the most amazing.

First and foremost, Marilyn Manson and Smashing Pumpkins. This show really threw me for a loop because I had no clue how these two artists made sense together. But if you think about it, these two artists — though a little different — defined the hard music scene of the 90s. In a way, it’s almost a dream lineup for 90s fanatics, and it’s almost hard to not buy tickets to the show.

Second, Van Halen. I have personally always wanted to see the 80s rock superpower. And the fact that they are bringing the show to Red Rocks, rather than an arena, makes this so much more interesting. Granted, they don’t sound like they used to. On a recent Jimmy Kimmel performance I was simply not impressed with anything — Eddie Van Halen’s solos were a bit off, David Lee Roth had a hard time singing, and they just didn’t gel. But this may be an opportunity we never receive again, so it may be worth it.

I am also very intrigued by the Walk the Moon and Milky Chance show. Currently, these two artists are dominating the charts and to put them as co-headliners just makes sense. It just goes to show how an artist can go from playing the small Denver venues to Red Rocks within a matter of months.

I love both bands, and I am really enjoying seeing them in a lineup together. One thing is for sure though — if you want to get into this show buy your tickets soon because it will sell out.

Finally, and probably my favorite out of all of them, is singer-songwriter Ben Howard. Simply put, this guy and a guitar puts on one hell of a show, and I can imagine that he will put on a memorable performance.

I saw him at the Fillmore in February and though I loved the show, the Fillmore didn’t feel like the right venue for him. He produces a very large sound made for an Amphitheater, and it would be cool to see if he plays a little more of both albums seeing as he mainly played the new one this last time out.

If you haven’t looked at the whole lineup yet, it’s probably time to gosee who compels you to make impulse purchases.

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