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    Paul Aiken / Daily Camera


  • Friends (left to right) Mariel Abila, Sami Beranek and Jordan...

    Paul Aiken / Daily Camera

    Friends (left to right) Mariel Abila, Sami Beranek and Jordan Johnson hang out at The Sink restaurant on the Hill in 2013. The Sink will be open at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, graduation day, and the bar will open at 7 a.m.



In a rare twist of fate, I was allowed out of the newsroom before midnight this week, which of course meant I needed to meet my friend at Avery Brewing (4910 Nautilus Ct.) after work.

“I need to try their new sours!” she squealed over the phone.

“Yea, but …”

“Don’t worry, dude, we’re only gonna have one beer and then I’ll get you food.”

One beer. It’s adorable when twentysomethings say that to each other. Kind of like when this avid book lover says “Just one more chapter,” or when you’re lying to your friend as you hike, saying “just one more switchback.”

So we plopped down at the bar, smiled and said, “OK, dear bartender. Guide me down the path toward tasty sour beer, please.”

Two beers later, it’s time to head out. “Well, hey now,” Cute Barkeep No. 1 says, “Have you tried this one yet?”

“No …”

It went downhill from there, in the best possible way. Here’s the verdict. I’m now hopelessly in love with Tectum et Elix — despite Cute Barkeep No. 2’s story of how it reminds him of horse poop. (It’s a long story, but trust me. It’s nothing like horse poop.)

What was your favorite, best friend? “I love all of the sour above, please.” “That’s not an answer, woman.” “Shhh.”

Moral of the story? Uh. Beer is good. Go talk to Aesop and/or your shrink if you need better than that.

On Sunday, Avery is releasing new cans of Liliko’i Kepolo, which is full of passion-fruit flavor that’ll drop kick you in the taste buds. Lovely. Wear your worst Hawaiian shirt and get ready to eat some smoked pig, marinated in Liliko’i Kepolo. Oh, and moms get a complimentary Lili-mosa for Mothers’ Day.

Elsewhere in Boulder:

The Walrus Saloon (1911 11th St.) is proud of you graduates, too. In fact, they’ve been pumping you with discounts all week. But this weekend, they’re bringing out special-edition graduation fishbowls and epic beats by DJPetey on Friday and Saturday. Enjoy your last few days of college-kid shenanigans.

The Sink (1165 13th St.) will open at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, in honor of graduation day, and the bar will open at 7 a.m. Breakfast burritos and a quick drink are just the ticket before three hours of sitting in flowing gowns and goofy hats.

Saturday night, check out the Grateful Jed Band at the Dark Horse Bar (2922 W. Baseline Rd.), where there’s no cover. Awaiting new graduates (and/or folks who just like good music and great booze) are $2.50 Smirnoff and Beam drinks, $3 Bud and Bud Lights and $4 Avery pints.

Looking to justify fanatic love of beer and chocolate? Head over to Boulder Beer (2880 Wilderness Pl.) Saturday for a Craft Beer & Chocolate Dessert Pairing. Boulder Beer’s brewmaster has teamed up with Lefthand Brewing and Piece, Love & Chocolate to bring you eight Colorado craft beers paired with 10 different chocolates and micro-desserts. Info and tickets:

Finkel & Garf Brewing (5455 Spine Rd.) also has your Friday and Saturday nights set. Alongside a killer lineup of brews, the Heirloom food truck will be parked outside from 5 to 8 p.m. on Friday, and Izote from 5 to 8 p.m. on Saturday. The only thing that’s better than craft beer is food.

Congrats again, grads. Celebrate (safely) and enjoy this, you deserve it!

Alexandra Sieh:,

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