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  • Leave your mark in Boulder this weekend at The Sink...

    Paul Aiken / Staff Photographer

    Leave your mark in Boulder this weekend at The Sink on the Hill.

  • Bid adieu to Ralphie by kissing a buffalo this weekend....

    Hyoung Chang / The Denver Post

    Bid adieu to Ralphie by kissing a buffalo this weekend. No. Not a real one.

  • Bud tender Kris Knox bags an order of marijuana for...

    Mark Leffingwell / Staff Photographer

    Bud tender Kris Knox bags an order of marijuana for a customer at Terrapin Care Station in Boulder.

  • Alex Olsen, in hat in middle, and Elise Zanotti, left,...

    Helen H. Richardson / The Denver Post

    Alex Olsen, in hat in middle, and Elise Zanotti, left, take photos of their friend Elissa Ribant, right, with the foggy and overcast Flatirons rock formation as their backdrop at Chautauqua Park in Boulder on Monday.

  • Visit a Boulder brewery this weekend.

    David R. Jennings / Staff Photographer

    Visit a Boulder brewery this weekend.



Man, those six years really flew by. Now that you’ve been conferred with a bachelor’s degree in marijuana cultivation (or whatever it is you did all these years), you’re headed into the real world.

(Run back screaming. It’s a frantic mess out here.)

We have faith in you. You tough Buffs weathered some near-impossible courses, some epic parties and some less-than-stellar football. That’s the winning combination for tackling life skills. So you’re set.

Before you leave us, without even a damn hug, spank Boulder’s bum gently and go embark on these adventures:

Go green

If you’re of age, and if you’re leaving Colorado for good — visit a recreational marijuana shop. No, don’t buy seven pounds and smuggle it across state lines, just go experience the “So Colorado” thing to do. There’s no need to partake (your parents are reading this, shhh), just check out the scene. If you don’t, then when you move to Indiana for that sweet job on the corn fields, all your new Hoosier friends will ridicule you by chucking handfuls of kernels at your face for living in Colorado and never experiencing the green scene.

Kiss a buffalo

You know the drill. An unofficial Boulder tradition is to kiss that stuffed buffalo head on the wall of the Pearl Street Pub, 1108 Pearl St. If you fear taxidermy (pick me! pick me!), then find another buffalo and lay a big, fat, sloppy one on it. CU has the best live college mascot with Ralphie, so since you’re a graduating Buff, spread the Buff love to buff lips. (But maybe not a real one.) Plant one on the mascot Chip (easy, no sexual harassment, there’s a human in there), or smack the ass of that bronze buffalo statue at Folsom. Go Buffs.

Drink local

Boulder knows beer. Boulder knows good beer. Wait. Boulder knows ridiculously delicious beer. Many of Boulder’s local beers are distributed nationally and the town boasts an extensive slew of the craft. If you haven’t had those filthy paws on a pint in town, do it now. Then go brag to the world about Boulder’s liquid gold.

Climb a Flatiron

Sweet fancy Moses, look outside. After calling those mountain majesties home for a years, you’ll miss them more than you know it when you leave. Strap on some good shoes and head to the Flatirons for a hike (not the mall, fools — unless you’re power walking with geriatrics in sweats). Go get on top and check out that beautiful view. (Now get off of me, I can’t breathe.)

Ahem. Be safe and know what you’re doing, if you decide to embark on this adventure. Info:

Leave your mark

The Sink (1165 13th St.) is a Boulder establishment that has housed many a tradition (see you there on Saturday for early morning shots before graduation) as well as employed actor Robert Redford as a janitor. Oh, and you may know that one guy, President Barak Obama, who dined there and now has a pizza named after him. Anyway, leave your inked mark on The Sink’s doodle-adorned ceiling and leave a memento by signing your name.

Best of luck, Buffs. We miss you already, come back soon.

Christy Fantz:

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