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    Dan Garfinkel wipes down the bar at the Finkel and Garf Craft Brewing Company.

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Allow me to vent, dear readers, about beer.

Or about beer etiquette, rather.

Imagine, if you will, a mid-20s gal who loves burritos and beer and books. And only recently built up enough upper body strength to do one — and only one — real push-up.

Now imagine her trying to trot more than six miles in a crowd of 50,000 far more athletic people. Yea, the struggle was real. But what was even harder was trying to get down the Oskar Blues Pinner right after the race.

Oskar Blues may not be my favorite, but I appreciated the gesture of craft beer after 10 kilometers. Very Colorado of you, Bolder Boulder. And IPAs are delish, they really are. A bit aggressive, for 10 a.m., but still a kick-start to the taste buds.

But a lukewarm IPA?

Too many hops, too high a temperature.

So Request No. 1: Let’s all try, in the future, to keep our beers chilled appropriately.

Request No. 2: If you’re handed a beer, even a lukewarm one, you finish that shit.

Sure, it’s tough. You’ve run a long way. But we can’t waste beer, it’s just not the true Coloradan way. Especially not a craft brew.

Now it’s time for you to all go out and have refreshing beers you will not only finish completely but love.

Those clever brewers at Finkel and Garf (5455 Spine Rd.) canned up a batch of Wheat Ale brewed with Peach Puree. (Apologies, readers, but I now need to go pick up a six-pack — or four. To be continued.) Find it in your local liquor stores. #SoThirsty

Don’t worry about the impending calorie count from the aforementioned purchase. I can go laugh it off at the Boulder Comedy Show this weekend. The folks at Bohemian Biergarten (2017 13th St.) are hosting six comedians in town for the CROM Comedy Festival. The line-up is sweet, check it out:

Let’s toast to finally seeing a bit of sunshine. Wild Woods Brewery (5460 Conestoga Ct.) is loading us up with the light beers — oh how I heart those. Make sure you check out the Sunflower Lager, a new concoction. You can also check out the Maibock, India Pale Lager and Schwarzbier.

Saturday, get centered. And buzzed. At 11 a.m., Upslope Brewing (1898 Flatiron Ct.) is hosting Yoga at Upslope. For $15, you can kick ass through a Power Vinyasa yoga class and then enjoy a free pint after. Don’t worry, you needn’t be bendy like a pretzel. Even us uncoordinated folk are invited to the healthy party.

And because you’ll be hungry after all this, go check out Centro Latin Kitchen (950 Pearl St.) on Sunday, where you can try some Baja Style Paella at $24 for two. Chicken, chorizo, clams, shrimp, snapper and achiote rice, all mixed into a tasty Sunday lunch.


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