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  • The 1975 isn't really going anywhere. But their disappearing campaign really flipped the music world.



This week brought the beginning of June… and possibly the end of The 1975? The British alternative rock band recently released an overload of confusing and cryptic information that implied a breakup of the group.

In the past few weeks, frontman Matt Healy had been tweeting about June 1, a date that had seemingly little-known relevance. Come May 31, Healy tweeted an odd comic strip that had many confusing aspects to it. For starters, its was ended with the phrase, “so we must leave, with a parting ‘we love you’ – we are already gone,” which led fans to believe the group was calling it quits.

That’s where it got really confusing, as the pictures show a comic book panel conversation among characters questioning the demise of the band, then followed a discussion on how “the end” is merely an act. And there’s a lot of discussion about the color pink.

Finally, at the bottom of the comic is the glimpse of hope to keep fans believing that the band didn’t break up, rather are just undergoing change — complete with a man dressed in all black labeled “Old Matty” who is silencing a man in pink labeled “New Matty.”

If that read weird, that’s because it should. It was weird.

But to make things even weirder, on the often-referenced June 1, The 1975 deleted all of its social media accounts, including a majority of their website (except for a new pink page).

In the band’s absence, many fans took to Twitter to mourn the end. Then there were others who were adamant about believing that this is merely a new chapter for The 1975, and I tend to agree with the later.

Prior to its breakout self-titled debut album in 2013, the band existed in some form since 2002 under various names, like Talkhouse, The Slowdown, Bigsleep and Drive Like I Do. And listening to anything previously released on YouTube, the group has often reinvented itself, going from a much grungier post-punk sound in the past to the current pop-alternative vibe now.

It seems likely that The 1975 is into the idea of reinvention, and now would be a strange time for the group to disband, as it’s experienced such huge growth since its debut album. Songs like “Chocolate” dominated both the U.S. alternative and pop charts. The band really entered the mainstream market from out of nowhere. A sophomore release would guarantee them the continual growth of their fanbase, and I think they know that.

As of Wednesday, the band released a string of U.K. tour dates, amid the mysterious campaign, giving fans hope. I like when artists pull stunts like this. It’s so Sufjan Stevens and it keeps music exciting in a digital culture.

If I could make a guess, I’ll expect a grand re-entry and a new album around the time previously stated by the band — at the beginning of 2016. I’ll also expect it to sound quite a bit different from the band’s current sound.

In the meantime, I suggest perusing Twitter posts and reading the heartbreak girls are experiencing with thoughts of Healy disappearing from the music scene. The comments are quite hilarious.

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