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    Head to the West End Tavern Saturday and watch some horse (and hermit crab) racing.



Raise your hand if you want to travel the world!

(You’re so cute, readers. I can’t see you. And now you’re that person blaming muscle spasms for your spontaneous hand-raising.)

But for serious, drunkenly riding your bike across Europe has to be on almost everyone’s bucket list. Or spending a year telling your parents you’re learning spanish while you wander around South America.

*commence wistful daydreams of meeting foreign men and getting swept off on his yacht, and …*

Anyway, until we win the lotto or find that rich boo for international Mile High fun, most of us could stand to get out and explore our own backyards.

I’ve got your passport right here.

The Boulder Passport is a program that offers 2-for-1 deals at 42 spots around town. Breweries, bars, restaurants … it’s all there. And it’ll give you an excuse to not hit up the usual — admit it, Chipotle — and explore a little more of our Republic of Boulder.

Plus, talk about a money saver when taking along that cute guy on Tinder — the one from an actual foreign city who’s only in town for two month-long program — asks what’s new in town. “Well, Senor Sweet Cheeks, let’s try something new for the both of us.”

Go to boulderpassport.com to buy yours — and go quick, before they’re gone. I’ll even go on this journey with you. Check out coloradodaily.com next week for the start of a new series where I fill my passport with stamps and try all sorts of new libations around town.

But in the meantime… Don’t put those floppy hats away just yet. Over at The West End Tavern (926 Pearl St.), you can check out the Belmont Stakes on Saturday. Post time is at 4:43 p.m. (way to be difficult, horse-race dudes), with hermit crab races beginning an hour beforehand. And yes, I mean racing cute little hermit crabs, not racing to see who can get crabs first. Eww, gross. Oh, and pick up a $7 Belmont Breeze or an $8 Derby Julep to sip in style.

Sunday at the Courthouse Lawn on the Pearl Street Mall, the Boulder Jewish Festival will be rife with vendors, culture and music. Check out boulderjewishfestival.org for full details, but it’s free and full of energy.

Wild Woods (5460 Conestoga Ct.) is bringing the Tropical Paradise Imperial IPA back in our lives, at a lofty 10.5 percent ABV. Full of flavorful hops, fresh mangoes and ginger, this batch will have you grinnin’ like a fool after just a glass.

The West Flanders Brewing Co. (1125 Pearl St.) are bringing back Mr. Chain-Blue Lightning Imperial IPAs. With that name, who doesn’t want to go try a pint?

You can go ahead and scratch “Whatever 12-pack is cheapest” off your “grocery” list. You don’t need that shit. What you need is a pack of Finkel & Garf Brewing’s (5455 Spine Rd.) Dry Hopped Amber. It’s now available in stores, and will make beer pong way more fun.

The sun has decided to come to Colorado after all. Go enjoy it out at J. Wells Brewery (2516 49th St. Suite 5), where a patio is all set up, and great beers are ready for the sipping.

Saturday night, the Absinthe House (1109 Walnut St.) will be re-mixing it up with DJ Knives and $2 well drinks for all you EDM lovers wanting to get your dance moves grooving. Sorry, kiddos, only those 21 and up this time.

Alexandra: bouldernightlife@coloradodaily.com, twitter.com/ansieh