Twenty One Pilots, a relatively new band with a few radio hits, were in a place where they could sink or swim, after some success with 2013’s Vessel.

Many start-up bands end up sinking, but after the band’s sophomore release Blurryface in May, the band is soaring.

This is the best album released so far this year, and Twenty One Pilots is worth a listen for those who aren’t familiar. The duo from Ohio has accomplished quite a bit for such a new band. Blurryface has already peaked the Billboard charts at No. 1, and in its second week on shelves, it’s still in the top 10. The band has sold more than 147,000 copies — which, in an era where the trend is to stream music — that’s a pretty big deal for any band, not to mention a fairly unknown band.

But that’s the way it should be. Twenty One Pilots topping the charts is basically the forgiveness the music charts have been looking for.

All 14 tracks have such a diverse and interesting flow. The band is known for a unique rock-rap sound — and theirs is one that disassociates itself from the nu metal genre. Instead of heavy guitars, weird electronic sounds and a bunch of dudes creating a big sound, Twenty One Pilots is just two guys who create their own big sound with drums and a piano.

Don’t get me wrong, I am guilty of loving Linkin Park’s Meteora and getting down to the funky-fresh sounds of anger created by Limp Bizkit — but I am happy to see a band put a modern spin and style to the genre.

The standout track, “Stressed Out,” is built with catchy beats and piano, along with an amazing lyrical flow from frontman Tyler Joseph. This track showcases all that’s great about Twenty One Pilots.

The duo isn’t limited to rock-rap, though. The catchy pop piano-driven track “Tear in my Heart” is a great addition, as it shows the band isn’t a one-trick pony. As the band’s current radio single, it’s an upbeat track that’s anything but generic.

Another track to orient new listeners to the sound is “The Judge,” yet another wrench that duo throws at us because it utilizes a ukulele. Twenty One Pilots is not only the master of beats and flows, but also the master of melody. Plus, Joseph raps a verse while playing the uke, and it’s awesome.

The group headlines Red Rocks on Sept. 27, and the live show is recommended.

Overall, the album excels and is getting the attention it deserves, so give Blurryface a listen. It’s a musical array worth listener’s attention. Meanwhile, Fred Durst is sitting in his corner wishing he thought of the Twenty One Pilots’ style first.

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