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    Shane Flanagan, left, Tigger Bush, Richard Charles, Brandon Duringer and Shannon Cleary, at right, laugh as they cheers each other in 2013 at the Bohemian Biergarten. Head to the Biergarten on Sunday for some live comedy.

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With my friend close to arriving at my apartment, I stepped outside to greet her.

Click. “Awww shit.”

“Hey you, how’s it going?” she asked, walking from her car.

“Well… I may have locked myself out of my apartment. So… yep. There’s that.”

And so began the quest to find a way back in.

Turns out, my building manager doesn’t help poor idiots who leave keys inside. The pin in my hair wouldn’t fit in the lock, nor do I have any actual ability to unlock a door, sans key. And while a desperate situation for me (I’d left two uneaten cookies on my counter), my rental property management people didn’t find it a big enough deal to go back to the office to fetch the spare. So I was left chatting with an Aussie locksmith who assured me he’d have someone out in 30.

Seemed simple enough, except my dear friend was famished — in need of a cheeseburger and fries. And I, well … I was stranded in my hallway in sweatpants and slippers at age 26. I needed a beer. “Think we can pick up both in 20 minutes?” “Let’s do this.”

I’ve never seen my friend move faster in a liquor store. I, the ID-less wonder, was left chillin’ in the car, hoping that guy in front of me wasn’t taking a leak in the parking lot.

In the end, we had quite a lovely picnic waiting for the locksmith. Cheers-ing our cold Coors Light 40s, she asked if this memory was worth the $80 the lock-pickers would take from me.

“Well, it’s worth at least a $20, babe.”

Moral: Always check for your keys when leaving the house, and always have a best friend nearby to score you a brew in your time of need. (A cheap one, because craft beer is for winners who can get back into their damn apartments.)

This weekend in Boulder:

Looking for good deals? So were a some friends in search of the best happy hours in town — so Drink in the Buff was born. These friends built a site that’ll direct you to happy hours at restaurants, bars and breweries in Boulder — including what specials are currently happening. It comes complete with a map and list, should you be searching for something more specific. Check it out:

Inspired by the giraffes at the Denver Zoo — geesh those things are adorbs — Fate Brewing (1600 38th St.) has a new release. The Jotunn Dyr is a mesquite honey ale: mesquite represents the bark of the branches giraffes eat, and the honey represents the nectar. Do as the giraffe do, I guess. Even better, $3 of every sale goes directly to support the zoo.

It’s time to laugh at anything but my stupidity. How about Adam Newman? He’s headlining the Boulder Comedy Show Sunday at Bohemian Biergarten (2017 13th St.) at 7 p.m.

The Old Chicago (1102 Pearl St.) Extra Innings Mini Tour is rolling right now. If you wrap up all the brews listed, you’ll earn a “Team OC Batting Practice Jersey,” code for a bright-red jersey-ish shirt. Could be cool. Head over soon, it ends July 5.

Friday, Acoustic Ambush is playing at the No Name Bar (1325 Broadway Ave.), and Sassafras plays Saturday. Definitely worth wandering around trying to find said bar.

And because I’d hate for you to forget, every Friday you can get happy hour pitchers at Twisted Pine Brewing Co. (3201 Walnut St. Suite A) as part of its “Treat Yo’self” philosophy.


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