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This is Sam Nixon and his cat, Mr. Kitty.
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This is Sam Nixon and his cat, Mr. Kitty.

Sam Nixon pens “Words From a Nerd” for the Colorado Daily every Wednesday. His banter on gaming, film, cons of note, robots and nerd will make you laugh, ponder, daydream, reflect, speculate and perhaps pass gas. But that’s your own bad.

Quit cropdusting the room and get to know Sam.

What’s the first thing you do when you get home?

I kick off my shoes, forget to put my bike away and yell my cat’s name, Mr. Kitty, until he comes rolling into the room meowing up a storm. Then I pet the everliving shit out of him on the couch as he purrs and while I take a few minutes to cool off. It’s the perfect way to settle into a evening.

What video game are you most anticipating this fall?

Probably the latest “Metal Gear Solid” game due out early (September). The story built up in that series is such a ridiculous espionage soap opera and it keeps getting more convoluted and silly with each entry. I also like ditzing around as much as possible in open stealth game environments, so looking forward to wedging Solid Snake into every corner on each map.

Tell us an awesome childhood memory.

I was big into catching frogs as a little kid growing up in Ohio. Spent many an afternoon knee- and elbow-deep in mud, and who knows what else, rooting around for bullfrogs near local ponds. Strictly catch (and hold over your head screaming “HOT DAMN, THIS ONE’S BIG”) and release.

If you became a multi-billionaire overnight, what (or who) would you buy?

A bunch of unneeded shit, same as anyone else. I’d most look forward to going full-on Howard Hughes, mainly because I’d finally have a good excuse for keeping all those urine-filled mason jars and garbage bags full of toenail clippings lying around the house.

What is the last thing you downloaded?

Grabbed Spotify for a fancy Chromebook I just got. I find it hard to sit down and write without the ability to listen to Weird Al’s “Eat It” on repeat whenever I feel like it.

Tell us your life motto via song lyric.

This is a question designed for Monty Python to answer. Have to go with, “remember when you’re feeling very small and insecure, how amazingly unlikely is your birth; and pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere out in space, because there’s bugger all down here on Earth.”

If you could have a dog with a cat head or a cat with a dog head, which one would you choose?

This is a pretty fucked up question, Christy. I’d probably go cat body, something cuddly like a Maine Coon, and the head of a Vallhund, the Swedish viking dog. It would probably still be unsettling, but not quite into “what hath science wrought” territory.

Who is your fictional hero? What about a real-life hero?

Can’t say I have any heroes, fictional or otherwise. I’ve been influenced by characters and people I’ve known, sure, but truly inspired enough to say someone is my hero? Hasn’t quite happened yet.

What/who were you in your so-called past life?

Probably a large land sloth of some kind, a semi-reflection of my present-day spirit animal, their tree-born brethren. I’d like to imagine I spend the brunt of my prime years doing some quality loping — maybe even a bit of ambling — across sweeping grasslands and snacking on various fruits and ferns. Seems magical.

What video-game character would you love to drink with? And what would the beverage of choice be?

I’d grab a drink with Mario and ask him if he resents Dr. Mario for lording his advanced degree over the rest of the family. We’d drink Shirley Temples whether he likes it or not because I bought this one bottle of grenadine six years ago and I need to get rid of it.

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