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    Since Colorado Daily columnist Alexandra Sieh is leaving us for China, we thought we'd put this Chinese yak picture right here. Maybe she'll take one for a ride and write about it in her upcoming column about her adventures abroad. Stay tuned, she'll be back in print in mid-September.



I guess this is goodbye.

Well, goodbye for a few weeks. And when my byline reappears, please don’t write asking about bar deals or brewery events. It’ll just make me sad that I’m nowhere near beautiful Colorado and our mouth-watering beer.

By the time you all sober up, I’ll be on a plane to Beijing. Yes, this 5-foot-11-inches tall, uncoordinated, beer-loving, pasty-white girl is moving to China for at least a year. (Don’t worry, most people didn’t believe it either.)

But before I get all sentimental and cry over my absurdly tasty River North Tripel, I gotta say thanks. For real. You’ve read some columns that struggled, about stories that weren’t nearly as hilarious as I thought, even though I still chuckle to myself when I look back on them. And you took my advice, as potentially misguided as my bar suggestions may be.

To the man who wrote me from jail, asking my legal advice, I say thank you, and I hope you found someone actually qualified to help you.

To the readers who went out of their way to email me, only to explain how I was scum, the lowest base of journalism, unworthy of being published: I heart you too, and hope you find better ways to overcompensate for your … shortcomings.

And to all of you who recognized me out and about in Boulder and actually enjoyed my stories — at car-repair shops, restaurants, breweries around town (especially those who invited me out and let me in on the inner workings of your brewing prowess) — you all rock. You make my job fun, smooth and satisfying, just like any good “job” should be.

I’m going to miss the hell out of you people, and want only delicious beer and strong cocktails for your futures. Let the grand tradition of Boulder debauchery continue!

This weekend in Boulder:

Fate Brewing (1600 38th St.), has new beers you need to try: the Summer Ale and New Zealand IPA. And because Fate’s so great, I’m just positive they’re delicious.

West Flanders Brewing (1125 Pearl St.) has been brewing with CU chemistry professor Ralph Jiminez, and will release The Professor’s Dubbel Friday at 4 p.m.. Head over and try a pint.

Twisted Pine Brewing (3201 Walnut St. Suite A) is always up for a good cause — especially when donating money to a cool organization is made even better when the money comes from a frosty beer. Friday from 11 a.m.-10 p.m., $1 of each pint sold will go to New Era, a civic engagement organization that aims to train and educate young leaders. Cheers to amping-up our own political future, folks.

Old Chicago (1102 Pearl St.) newest min-tour is the OC Beach Bonfire — if you drink all the beers involved, you’ll get a beach blanket. That’s neat. You’ll also get a chance to get into their Summer America Sweepstakes, where you could win a surfboard, longboards, etc.

Thursday, Wild Woods Brewing (5460 Conestoga Ct.) released a cask of Ponderosa Porter with toasted hazelnuts . It’s just … mouthwatering. Go see if they have any left.

Hear some live music Sunday as The Jeff Brinkman Band will be playing at Mountain Sun (1535 Pearl St.) at 10 p.m.

And because I’m all about strong women in the workplace, I encourage you all to head over to Upslope Brewing (1898 Flatiron Ct.) Wednesday. From 7-9 p.m., Women’s Night with Barley’s Angels will have “spiked beers,” where women can learn about off-flavors in brewing and how to taste beers in the best way. Tickets: barleysangelscolorado.com.

This is The Beer Girl, signing off for the last time. And to my deliciously foxy editor, I love you and will miss you most of all. Cheers to you and all your bad-assery.

Alexandra: twitter.com/ansieh. Tune in mid-September for tales from China. This oughta be interesting …

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