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  • A DJ adjusts the board levels at Radio 1190 on...

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    A DJ adjusts the board levels at Radio 1190 on the CU campus.

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    A Radio 1190 student volunteer alphabetizes albums in the music library of Radio 1190 at CU.



Need to know

James Calvet, the music director for Radio 1190, pens a weekly column for the Colorado Daily. His “On-air next” features reviews of what new albums are spinning in rotation on the station for the week. Keep an eye out every Thursday in the paper — or if you miss it, find his columns online at

• Find the DJ lineup, read album reviews, blogs — or request a song, listen live or find out how to volunteer, visit at

•Watch live performances that take place in the studio at

Attention new students: there’s something you need to know. CU has its own basement radio station. A radio station, in fact, that is run by students, listened to by much of Boulder and metro Denver and hosts live performances by local and national bands (that are also recorded and can be found on the station’s YouTube channel.)

Radio 1190 KVCU Boulder is packed with fun daily programming that is eccentric, lively and unlike any other station in the surrounding area. With summer is coming to a close, the new DJ schedule at 1190 for the fall will be jam-packed with new and exciting music, as well as radio personalities. Here are some essential facts students need to know about Radio 1190’s new and old DJs on the AM airwaves this fall:

Dark and Gloomy with Yours Truly

Dark/sad/depressing music

Well-seasoned rotation DJ Lazlo will be returning to Radio 1190 this fall with his first-ever solo specialty show. Dark and Gloomy with Your Truly will be a show strictly focused on sad and depressing music, highly inspired by the aesthetic of The Flenser record label. Unlike most radio shows, Dark and Gloomy with Yours truly will give airtime to obscure bands and genres, including lo-fi black metal. Since Lazlo has an extensive and ever-growing music catalog, the show will always be fresh, abrasive and exhilarating.

Since Lazlo has been volunteering at the station since his freshman year, he said he enjoys the community of people that work and inhabit Radio 1190. He also said the movie that makes him the most emotional is “Spirited Away.” To catch Dark and Gloomy with Yours Truly check out in the coming weeks.

The Morning show with Emilia

Rotation/mixed genre

If you have tuned in between 7-10 a.m. any Tuesday or Thursday over the summer, you’ve probably heard the musings of long-time 1190 personality, Emilia Cassidy. Besides being the behind-the-scenes program director, Emilia will continue to share her love of music in the a.m. every Monday and Wednesday this fall. Emilia enjoys exploring the vast music library at Radio 1190 by picking a random CD from the stacks and subsequently finding hidden gems. Since Emilia has been exposed to so many great Colorado bands, she enjoys showcasing local music as much as possible. In addition, each show she digs deep in the archives for her segment “the 60’s pick of the day”. Since she has been DJing at 1190 for nearly three years, Emilia really enjoys discovering new music and sharing it with her listeners.

If she could own any pet, Emilia said that her animal companion would be Party Wolf from “Adventure Time.” Catch Emilia every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7-10 a.m.


Sub-genre/weekly theme show

Veteran DJ Alexis Aaeng has recently departed from the long-running movie soundtrack show, Boom Operator, to pursue her new adventurous specialty show, Historics. For an hour every Thursday, Alexis will journey into the history and development of different musical subgenres. Each week, tracks from the genre’s inception through the present will be hand-selected and played along with discussion about its influence and importance within musical communities.

Because of the diversity of music played and the welcoming community at Radio 1190, Alexis said she holds college radio as the cornerstone of her higher-education experience. If Alexis was a flower, she believes she would be a cactus flower because they thrive in dry climates and take a long time to bloom. Catch Historics from 7-8 p.m. every Thursday.


Rotation/mixed genre

After recently taking the helm as a DJ this summer, Haley Midzor has some fun things planned for the fall. Even though this music lover spins rotation during her DJ slot, Haley likes to spin local music and talk about upcoming shows in the Boulder/Denver area. She also enjoys playing tracks by The Orwells, mainly because she is a self-proclaimed fanatic.

Haley said her favorite part about being a DJ is the ability to share music in a cool way. Since she is an avid creator of playlists on Spotify, 1190 is the perfect outlet to share her mixes with the world. Haley said her ideal breakfast is ice cream sundae Pop-Tarts. To catch Haley’s rotation slot, check out in the coming weeks.

Mystery Train


Returning after summer break, the beloved blues-focused show, Mystery Train, will return this fall on Radio 1190. Hosted by Zane Gardner, the show is a balanced mix of old and new tunes, with an emphasis on educating listeners on modern-day blues artists like Junior Kimbrough and Gary Clarke Junior.

Aside for a being a blues music vat of knowledge, Zane is also a private pilot and the president of the Flying Club at CU. Tune in to Mystery Train from 8-9 p.m. every Wednesday.

James Calvet is Radio 1190’s music director.