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  • Run the Jewlels will release an album this fall that...

    Mass Appeal / Courtesy photo

    Run the Jewlels will release an album this fall that is solely cat sounds, Meow.

  • Kurt Vile has been doing pretty well ever since he...

    Matador Records / Courtesy photo

    Kurt Vile has been doing pretty well ever since he left The War on Drugs. His new album drops in September.

  • DIIV's new fall album will be a great addition to...

    Life or Death / Courtesy photo

    DIIV's new fall album will be a great addition to any fall mixtape.

  • Shannon and the Clams' Gone by the Dawn will hit...

    Hardly Art / Courtesy photo

    Shannon and the Clams' Gone by the Dawn will hit shelves in a couple weeks.



Each fall, a slew of new albums are announced that excite, frustrate and tantalize music lovers to no end. Though some of the year’s big albums have already been released — like Death Grips’ The Powers That B and Tame Impala’s Currents — there are still tons of new records to look forward to.

Release dates for LPs by Grimes, Kanye West and Frank Ocean have not been announced yet, but here are some of the most-anticipated albums this fall.



On Mom & Pop, Sept. 4

Though Southern Californian punks FIDLAR have only released one record, the band’s following is loyal and massive. Judging from the singles that have already been released, FIDLAR is sticking with its loose, wild and sweaty style of garage pop. Though this record may be a little too late to be the soundtrack for drunken summer nights, Too will definitely be a fun listen that can keep a summer mindset going all the way through this semester.

Shannon and the Clams

Gone by the Dawn

On Hardly Art, Sept. 11

Shannon and the Clam’s last record, Dreams in the Rat House, was released in 2013 but it feels like forever since the beloved Oakland trio has dropped any new music. But this year, he band has announced a fall tour and a new album, Gone by the Dawn. With an esoteric and unique style of garage rock that takes influences from ’50s rock ‘n’ roll and ’60s surf, it will undoubtedly stand above in the garage rock scene this year.


Sun Coming Down

On Constellation Records, Sept. 18

Montreal-based post-punk outfit Ought rose out of obscurity in 2014 with an awesome debut LP, More than Any Other Day. The band’s sound is angular and fierce, rich with cold, sharp guitars and airtight drums. The sing-talk vocals almost resemble an anxious teenager hopped-up on caffeine pills. After a few well-received music festival appearances and two massive singles (with one reaching over the 8-minute mark), it seems that if everything falls into place, Ought may release one of the most interesting and successful albums of the year.


La Di Da Di

On Warp, Sept. 18

Over the years, the lineup for experimental rock group Battles has been ever changing. After loosing its lead singer after the debut album, the remainder of the crew created a fantastic follow-up in 2013 with the monster record Gloss Drop. Then in mid-2015, the group unexpectedly signed to famed electronic record label Warp, along with the release of the album art for La Di Da Di. The strange cover art features breakfast foods posed in odd ways. Just judging on these aesthetics, its for certain that all Battles fans are in for a treat.

Kurt Vile

b’lieve i’m goin down…

On Matador, Sept. 25

After two critically-acclaimed records and hundreds of new fans, Kurt Vile has been doing pretty well ever since he left The War on Drugs. Much like The War on Drugs, Vile strides in his ability to create chilled-out, hazy and good-natured folk rock. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Vile said of b’lieve i’m goin down…: “It’s definitely got that night vibe.” From his lead single “Pretty Pimpin” it seems that Vile may be ditching his lo-fi production for something a bit sleeker, along with a country-stompin’ swagger to boot. One thing’s for sure, the new record will definitely be something to behold.

Julia Holter

Have You In My Wilderness

On Domino, Sept. 25

Julia Holter, unlike many other avant-garde performers, rose to indie fame in just a matter of time. Though she specializes in baroque pop, her style is sparse almost to the point where it’s eerily quiet. Between all of the denseness and darkness of her compositions, there are truly beautiful and flooring moments in every song. After her critically hailed album Loud City Song Holter, Holter has announced her new record Have You In My Wilderness. For this singer-songwriter, it would be foolish to predict what this record holds, so the best thing to do is to sit back and enjoy the ride.


New Bermuda

On ANTI-, Oct. 8

Deafheaven, from the Bay Area, made black metal stylish in 2013. The album Sunbather changed it all as an unexpected, yet genius mix of black metal, post-rock, post-hardcore and noise. Deafheaven proved it was capable of making extreme music appealing to the masses. Two years later, a video has surfaced teasing New Burmuda. It’s obvious this record will be very dark and, without a doubt, be the most exciting and brutal listening experience of the fall.



On In the Red, Oct. 23

Did you really think that Ty Segall wasn’t going to release an album this year? Yeah, we saw it coming too. The prolific garage-rock veteran is back with his side project FuzZ, a new sound that incorporates garage that is deeply influenced by ’70s heavy metal. Instead of Segall ripping on electric guitar, he’ll be manning the drum kit while still belting out his signature howl. Much like the first record, II will feature a collection of heavy jammers to blast your eardrums to smithereens.

Run the Jewels

Meow the Jewels

On Mass Appeal, TBA late fall

Last year was huge for hip-hop duo Killer Mike and El-P, also known as Run the Jewels. After the smash success of a sophomore record, and after a fan request, the combo started a kickstarter to fund an album that would be a reinterpretation of Run the Jewels, solely made from cat sounds. In less than three days, the goal was reached and the cat hip-hop album was set in progress. A few previews of the album have been released by El-P via video Instagram posts and it sounds… interesting. Though this whole album is mainly a joke, the results may surprise us since it’s coming from two of the best hip-hop artists in recent history.


Is the Is Are

On Captured Tracks, TBA late fall

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen any recorded material from Brooklyn dream-pop outfit DIIV. Since its breakout in 2012, the music and personalities have been captivating and frustrating audiences. After some strange controversy over the bassist and the image-based message board 4chan, the group has announced a new album with a new lineup with the ever-so catchy title Is the Is Are. After a strange, but well-received performance at Denver’s Underground Music Showcase in July (which featured some new songs in the mix), a good amount of hype is surrounding the upcoming album. Whether Is the Is Are is a good surprise or business as usual for DIIV, this will be a great addition to any fall mixtape.

James Calvet is the music director at CU’s Radio 1190.