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Lately, it seems a number of pals, family members, acquaintances and strangers have had a world of hurt reign on them — like hurricane-force downpours. I’ve had many confide in me, look for advice or even just cry on my shoulder about an ill fate.

Was it that Blue Moon in July (it saw us standing alone)? Maybe it’s the poor northwest that’s ablaze and filling our judgement with haze. (I’m a poet.) Or maybe Mother Earth is just on the rag. (And a lady.)

When people say the universe has dealt them bad cards, I like to blame unfortunate human behavior and unpleasant instances on the moon. Husband says the moon doesn’t play a factor in emotions, and I’m aware that science will debunk everything I say, but I’m in charge right now. When the moon is full, the jacked-up gravity stretches our heads oblong, tugs at our brain strings and makes us do weird shit. The technical explanation, as Science and I discussed at the bar last night (disclaimer: we were tanked).

So to the friends who’ve have had loved ones’ lives cut short; going through custody battles; who’ve fallen off the wagon; are breaking up with lovers; losing a fight with addiction; devastated by loss; smothered by work; drowning in debt or were handed a life sentence from a disease: don’t lose hope, come get a hug.

Whatever collective shithouse we’re stuck in right now — and whether it’s the universe, the moon or just life — let’s take it easy on one another for a while. If someone is in a bad mood, let it slide. If a stranger is wiping tears away, pat them on the back. If someone is hauling ass across campus holding their belly, give them a trash can. We’re all on the same team.

Smile, maybe you’ll get a needed one back.

Alas, now the moon is waning and the season is changing. (I told you I’m a poet.) I hope those struggling can kick their problems in the crotch. (And a lady.) May better come tomorrow, sweet pals. And if it doesn’t, come find me in the poppies, rolling around in patchouli and putting nut butter in my dreads, apparently (damn hippie). You can get a good look at my full moon while we pee on wildflowers.

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