You know, I am getting pretty irritated by the fact that some people constantly connect Gen Y with entitlement. Some even call us, “The Entitlement Generation.” Like, we are ungrateful, self-absorbed nitwits that roam around demanding things without saying thank you.

To credit, yes, Gen Y certainly does have spoiled eggs, but what generation doesn’t? We are who you raised us to be. The apple doesn’t fall far from the cultural tree.

I am pretty elastic when it comes to judgment, but when someone physically connects me to entitlement I feel steam coming out of my ears. The only thing that makes me entitled is my entitlement to having a dream that goes beyond a McDonald’s kitchen.

Having pride, taking handouts that come my way for being young and showing people that I want more doesn’t make me entitled. It makes me, me. It makes millennials, millennials. We are the new generation and we are taking on the world as it comes our way — just like those before us did.

We are entitled to our time in the world, no doubt. That’s America, right? It’s in our DNA as Americans to feel entitled to things that are out of reach. Isn’t that the big dream we all chase?

And, to give reason to a rant, those in previous generations are the real entitlement generations. They ransacked countries for resources that weren’t theirs; they invaded lands that weren’t theirs, they diluted cultures that never asked to be diluted, and a slew of other things, because they felt entitled to them.

All we feel entitled to is an iPhone and a nice pair of sneakers. That’s why we are who we are today in the world.

But this is more about standing tall behind being a generation that’s conscious of people in our world — it’s about being all right with taking what’s given to us and running like hell with it.

It’s OK that we have an entitlement to compassion, opinions and what we want. It’s OK that we have bigger dreams than most. We are entitled to more today, because they gratefully gave us a lot yesterday. In a weird way, entitlement is freedom. And let me tell you, millennials are all about freedom.

Thanksgiving is next week. It’s the time to be thankful. It’s a time to push entitlement under the bus. All I am asking of millennials this Thanksgiving is to feel entitled to all that turkey on the table. And and kiss your dad, mom, grandma — or whoever is cooking — on the cheek and thank them. You deserve it and they do, too.

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