Welcome back to Boulder after a nice holiday filled with family, friends, food — and hopefully wine. Christmastime is now no further than a stone’s throw away. For me, after an extended leave, there is no better town to make a return than this growing city.

If you come from a city larger than Boulder, you probably come back for the hint of smallness; and if you come from an even smaller town, you probably return because Boulder’s just the right kind of big.

Like many growing cities in the nation, Boulder has character. Sure, it’s always had its flare for the fantastical, but the last few years have turned this town into a Mecca where people flock to trace the beginning of dreams.

People who move here do so for the exact same reason we all love Boulder: overall, it’s great. It has a great and growing economy. The views are stunning. There are miles of amazing food-covered plates. The residents are happy and are living in the place they want to be. It’s a blessing in plain sight.

Boulder has become a city whose feet have become wet in the sopping millennial puddle — it is becoming saturated by our generation.

Millennials, as many define through statistics and research findings, have character. Besides character, what makes this generation distinctive is its aligning nature with Boulder. We share the same dimension of character, essentially making us one in the same. Millennials’ character is new, fresh, progressive and open — exactly like Boulder’s vibe.

We both strive to be better than we were yesterday, but we do it unconventionally. We accept, we pursue and we challenge thoughts and actions. Defiance, for us, has been the power of our growth. That new and endlessly changing idea of what we can be in this world is draped over us both.

Maybe it’s the millennials who are making Boulder blossom.

Now that both of us have officially accepted that we are different and unconventional — now what? Nobody can predict what will happen to millennials — or to Boulder. It’s a question that has a million answers of which are different day in and day out. But at the end of each day, we accept there is growth. There is a ceaseless amount of information and action towards the future that makes boundaries limitless — and this is exactly how we both like things to be.

We can only predict so far, then life is off into the wind. But one thing that Boulder and millennials both do well is shake the snow off our coats, warm up from that wind and move along.

Maybe that’s why I love coming back here so much — the ride in both the generation and the growing city is always something different everyday.

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