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On-air next: Three Lobed Records’ ‘Parallelograms,’ Oneohtrix Point Never and Frankie Cosmos

  • Oneohtrix Point Never's "Garden of Delete" is in rotation at...

    Courtesy photo

    Oneohtrix Point Never's "Garden of Delete" is in rotation at CU's Radio 1190.

  • Hear Frankie Cosmos' short EP spinning on Radio 1190.

    Courtesy photo

    Hear Frankie Cosmos' short EP spinning on Radio 1190.



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Since it’s almost time for finals, get ready for never-ending pots of coffee, all-nighters and irrational emotional breakdowns. But before that happens, join Radio 1190 Thursday night at Buchanan’s Coffee Pub, 1301 Pennsylvania Ave., on the Hill, for another Locals Live featuring Boulder folk artist Justin Root. The show starts at 7 p.m. and is free.

Since the inception of music, various musicians have collaborated to make art, and when they do, strengths and weaknesses of each musician are exposed. The results are usually unpredictable and exciting.

Three Lobed Records, a North Carolina one-man record label, recruited and paired 10 of the best bands in folk and indie rock to just recently release a 5-LP collection, Parallelograms. The album journeys through genres such as shoegaze, American primitivism, psych folk, free improvisation to create a diverse and oddly cohesive collection of tracks.

On Parallelograms, there are splits between Steve Gunn and Kurt Vile, Bardo Pond and Yo La Tengo, William Tyler and Six Organs of Admittance, Michael Chapman and Hiss Golden Messenger, and Caught on Tape and Bishop Orcutt Corsano. Every writing style is showcased in this collection — from covers, to originals, to free-form jams. The compilation’s mix of musical forms creates a unique and innovative collection.

Following a string of critically polarized records, Daniel Lopatin, also known as Oneohtrix Point Never, polished his sound for his latest record, Garden of Delete, without compromising any intensity.

Following the intro, “Ezra” showcases intense stop-and-start samples that foreshadows the rest of the album. Garden of Delete is tighter and more focused than his previous works, but is also fast, loud and in your face. The most accessible track, “Sticky Drama”, is closer to EDM than any other he’s created — but mid-track, the composition drops and erupts into a speed-metal breakdown featuring sequenced double-bass hits. The album then veers into familiar ambient-focused Oneohtrix Point Never territory, but with more of a rock influence.

Garden of Delete may not be the most challenging record, but it is still exhilarating enough to make die-hard fans happy and enough to introduce a whole new audience to the wild world of Lopatin.

Indie-pop darling Frankie Cosmos has been quiet for a while, but 2015 has brought us a new four-song EP, Fit Me In. In true Cosmos fashion, she blasts through four tracks in just eight minutes.

Instead of her usual stripped-down style, Cosmos incorporates a full band equipped with synthesizers to enhance her sound. Unlike her true bedroom-pop style, it sounds much closer to a song that would play during a prom slow-dance scene straight from an ’80s movie.

Sadly, the tracks don’t have the same emotional impact as 2013’s Zentropy. It seems a tad rushed. Hopefully this EP is a tease to an upcoming full-length.

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