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Max Kabat of Boulder, Colorado makes his way down from the summit of Star Dune at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Southern Colorado during a winter camping trip.
Alex Witkowicz/ The Denver Post
Max Kabat of Boulder, Colorado makes his way down from the summit of Star Dune at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Southern Colorado during a winter camping trip.

Although spring break is the only recess students get from a rough spring semester, it’s also typically a weeklong combo of hooch, partying, bad mistakes and boodles of money.

Lucky for Buffs, our fair Colorado has some pretty dope-a-licious spots to enjoy a vacation close to home. Not only will you save a ton of cash by not going to Cabo, but you can explore the state you begged your parents to send you to for college.

Colorado has its own amazing craft beer and local hard spirits surrounding us — just throw in that undeniably good green leaf, some unbeatable scenery from left to right, and you’ll rival any spring breaker’s adventures.

Here are some local spots where you can make your spring break awesome and all while saving that precious cash you’ll need to make it through the rest of the semester.

Bud Light Spring Jam

March 12-28

Snowmass and Aspen, Colo.

Pack the gear, put on a hat, clean those shades and head to the mountains for classic spring powder.

Going on its 16th year, Bud Light throws a massive ski and snowboard party at the base of the lift in Snowmass Village for the Aspen Winternational, which continues all the way through March. From park competitions to concerts, the list of events is massive. The concerts are free, the cheap beer is plentiful and the vibe is killer.

Soak life away

Hot Sulphur Springs

Granby, Colo.

Sit back, watch your hands prune and sip some cold brews as natural, mineral-rich steam rises above you. Granby’s Hot Sulphur Springs boasts seven natural springs that are heated by volcanic rock released through earth’s fissures. For being so close to Boulder, this steaming pool just about takes the cake with its 21 mineral pools and baths.

What’s better? This is a “break,” of course. The water comes out anywhere between 95-112 degrees, and guests can pick which pool to sit in. Or, you can rent out a private pool by the hour in case you need some alone time with fellow spring breakers. Visitors can also opt for a hot rock, deep-tissue massage or a whole range of treatments that utilize salt, mud — and all this cool stuff that makes you feel good.

Fly Fish

South Platte River

As daunting as fly fishing sounds, it’s a blast. It comes complete with water, nature, hanging out with friends, smoking good weed, drinking better beer, sipping flasks and catching and releasing some of the prettiest fish on the planet. It’s really one of the best experiences Colorado has to offer. Cheer your friends on when they’re reeling in a monster and get in touch with your inner fisherman or woman.

In spring, the South Platte River is a great spot to slam some big boys. Stop down at a Boulder fly shop and rent some gear (Front Range Anglers, 2344 Pearl St. or Rocky Mountain Anglers, 1904 Arapahoe Ave.)

Cast, catch and have an amazing memory to add to your spring break bank.

Surf the dunes

Great Sand Dunes National Park

San Luis Valley, Colo.

It’s quite a stark contrast: Picture the Rocky Mountains set against giant sand dunes that is reminiscent of the Sahara Desert. The tallest North American sand dunes sit not too far away from Boulder, with five dunes that peak over 700 feet. It’s something to see, a place to explore — and if you’re lucky, you can grab a lunch tray and surf the dunes.

This is also an amazing place to do some night hiking and enjoy the massive expanse of Colorado’s starry sky. There isn’t a better place to snap some great scenes of the wildest parts of Colorado. Get your Aladdin on and ride that magic carpet through some Colorado desert.

Party a Mile High

Denver, Colo.

Denver is a fortress for some awesome events during spring break. According to Denver’s event calendar, there are 216 individual events so far. Since Denver is only about 30 minutes from Boulder, head to the Mile High for beer festivals, art exhibits, car shows, concerts, NCAA basketball playoffs, winery tours, open mics, and way more. Most events have cheap admission and you can spend the remainder of the night partying your ass off downtown.

Here is a link to the events happening during break: http://

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