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Dear Millennial Buffs,

Spring semester is the toughest grind. You only get one break and it seems like forever for summer or graduation to come. And yes, some of you are only in your second semester at CU and many are in your last. That’s a weird feeling on both ends — and for all those floating in the middle.

Spring semester is this limbo-time that invokes an inner need to party, laugh and enjoy the upcoming warmth. But most importantly, it should be pushing you to study harder. This is the semester that makes or breaks many students.

All through college, spring semester forced the “what am I going to do with myself” thoughts to churn in my head. If you’re in the same boat, I suggest you focus on the task ahead — making it through this semester. My dad always told me, “Focus on finishing strong.” That’s what is most important — focus on finishing classes with the best of your abilities in play. Make your parents proud.

Now that I have my parental guidance out of the way, I have to still advocate partying. I think that any student’s priority beyond school is to make lasting friendships, to have insane memories to tell your future kids about and to laugh as much as humanly possible. People in college will make turns in and out of your life. It’s important to talk to the people you never talked to, say hello to the fellow student next to you in class and hit up those parties — even when you feel like it’s a Netflix and Chill kind of night. Don’t be someone who leaves college without connections. Because when you leave college, heck, it sure is a lot harder to meet people. So be sure to go out, talk to strangers, eat pizza at a table full of drunk people at Cosmos and try to befriend some cool cats.

Aside from semester guidance and the importance of partying, it’s also important to discover yourself. With CU being such a large university, there are an insane amount of events, clubs, societies and communities to get involved in. When I think back, I should have joined more. By joining a club, you get involved in your passions with an entire community of members who are also passionate about your passions. Plus, you get to slam some of those onto a resume. See? It’s a triple hit: building up yourself, forming new friendships and adding to your professional expertise. And these are all primary reasons you’re in college.

Finish strong and get out there.

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