Buffs, it’s time to go get your photo framing on.

My top-five best selfie spots on campus are places that are so captivating you won’t even notice you’re alone. Who needs other people when you have statues and mountains? But, if you have made a friend or two (or a thousand) while in college, you may want to invest in a selfie stick so you can squeeze more people into the shot.

Upon arriving at the CU-Boulder campus, you probably found an occasion to walk past Farrand Field — the WelcomeFest concert, Global Jam, or the (so-worth-it) trek to the C4C for lunch. The stunning Flatirons beg to be photographed as you daydream about the scenery and think, “I must show the world!”

By year three or four, hopefully someone (like yours truly) will have alerted you to the breathtaking panoramic view of the flatirons captured from the rooftop patio of the UMC after your nap on one of the fifth floor couches. At this point, you will love the mountains so much that you must partially angle your face toward them at all times. Warning: Don’t become one of those people who falls while pursuing that perfect selfie.

On game day, you’ll take selfies inside the football stadium with your buddies and then realize that what you really want more than anything is a portrait with Ralphie. The view of Folsom Field from the bleachers is pretty and all — but look at that face on Ralphie, complete with a Mona Lisa smile. If you’ve got a selfie stick, snag a pic of yourself sitting on Ralphie’s back.

When a day of football is over, you will inevitably realize you have schoolwork to which you should attend. After attempting a selfie documenting your dying a slow death, buried inside Norlin Library after too many hours of studying, you’ll want to run around outside and take a better one. Make your way across the Norlin Quad to Varsity Pond near the Hale Science building. Stand on the shores, watch the orange and black fish and feel the restorative powers of nature before snapping a selfie with the arched bridge. If you’re lucky, you might even see (or pretend to see) a turtle basking on a log that you can point to. “Oh look!”

After roughly four years of selfie-taking at CU, you’ll want to go out with a bang. Bring your graduation cap along. It’s time to wax poetic as you sit next to the statue of Robert Frost outside Old Main. Look off into the distance and figure out what the poet, himself, is gazing at. A contemplative stare will emphasize that your analytical and creative powers have increased and that you are deserving of your diploma.

Then celebrate your victory by posting that selfie so others can share in the experience. That is what selfies, after all, are all about — sharing something with those who weren’t there. Now they can catch an up-close glimpse of your experience. So, even if your friends are not in the selfies with you, they will still be with you in spirit.

Melanie Adams is Colorado Daily’s “Get Social” photographer. Find her photos of Boulder’s smiling mugs in the Daily every Wednesday through Friday.

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