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  • It wouldn't be a typical year in music if Ty...

    Denee Petracek / Courtesy

    It wouldn't be a typical year in music if Ty Segall didn't release an album (or three).

  • DIIV has a new album dropping in February.

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    DIIV has a new album dropping in February.

  • London-based post-punk revival rock band Savages will release a sophomore...


    London-based post-punk revival rock band Savages will release a sophomore album this month.



Though 2015 held some of the most-anticipated albums we have seen in a long while, 2016 is looking bright when it comes to new releases. Along with new music from Animal Collective and Ty Segall, here’s a list of 10 of the most-anticipated releases of the new year.

David Bowie

Blackstar (released last week)

At the end of 2015, rock legend David Bowie announced the release of his 25th album, along with the title track, “Black Star.” The single is a 10-minute epic that borrows heavy from experimental jazz and sounds akin to his art-pop Berlin era. This album has been reportedly highly influenced by Death Grips and Kendrick Lamar — which may make it Bowie’s strongest album in years.


The Catastrophist (Jan. 22)

Next week, Chicago-based post-rock band Tortoise will release its first album in seven years. The Catastrophist will most likely be the signature mix of jazz and post-rock, but with more emphasis on electronics. And since the band has been reportedly working on the album for more than five years, it’s most likely going to be one hell of a wild ride.

Ty Segall

Emotional Mugger (Jan. 22)

Garage-rock hero Ty Segall is back less than a year after his last solo release. In a promotion for Emotional Mugger, Segall created a hotline number for fans to call, where he explains what emotional mugging truly is. Segall has also released a rough and raw live video of one of the tracks on his website showing that this album will most likely satisfy the biggest of garage-rock junkies.


Adore Life (Jan. 22)

English post-punk act Savages made a huge splash with Silence Yourself, their debut album in mid-2013. Three years later, the group has announced a follow-up with Adore Life. Though there have not been many details released, if the album lives up to the power of their debut, it’s sure to be a fiery, chaotic and satisfying listen.

Eleanor Friedberger

New View (Jan. 22)

Previously one half of the brother/sister indie rock duo, The Fiery Furnaces, indie-pop magician Eleanor Friedberger is set to release her third solo record New View this month. Though she doesn’t get the attention she deserves on a national scale, her new record may prove her to be one of indie-pop’s best kept secrets.


Pool (Feb. 5)

After years as a touring member of Frankie Cosmos, New York-based pop-experimentalist Porches is set to release his label debut Pool on Domino records in February. The group mixes confessional indie pop with esoteric synth pop, creating a unique sound that has the potential to become huge this year.


Is The Is Are (Feb. 5)

Though the new album from Brooklyn-based dream-pop act DIIV was speculated to be released late last year, Is The Is Are will finally drop next month. The two singles released from the album show the group going in a more ’80s-influenced direction. Despite the drama that follows the group wherever they go, the singles are promising and may make for the strongest release from the band thus far.

Animal Collective

Painting With (Feb. 19)

In late 2015, pop experimentalists Animal Collective released a new track, “Floridada,” along with the announcement of the new album Painting With. Unlike the previous record, 2012’s Centipede Hz, the single reveals that this album may be closer in sound to 2007’s Strawberry Jam. Without a doubt, the bubbly track shows that this new record will, without a doubt, be one of the most exciting releases of the year.

Sara Neufeld

The Ridge (Feb. 26)

After a fantastic collaboration with Colin Stetson last year, violinist Sara Neufeld is set to release her latest record The Ridge in February. The lead single from the album is a reverb-soaked, building track with art-pop and shoegaze sensibilities, proving that her new album can please those who aren’t even into neo-classical.

Charles Bradley

Changes (April 1)

It’s no April fool, Charles Bradley, the screaming eagle of soul will return April 1 with his new album Changes. Though Bradley has been around the music scene for some time now, his voice seems to get better with age and his style remains timeless. Undoubtedly, Changes will be the most-anticipated soul album of the year, pleasing audiences young and old.

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