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  • CU's Radio 1190 is located in the basement of the...

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    CU's Radio 1190 is located in the basement of the UMC. The DJs and student volunteers urge students to stop in, check out the space and say hi.

  • A CU student adjusts the board levels at Radio 1190.

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    A CU student adjusts the board levels at Radio 1190.



The DJs at CU’s very own Radio 1190 KVCU change every semester, but the spring 2016 schedule is jam-packed with the best shows, new and old. Along with 1190 staples such as News Underground and Local Shakedown, here are the new DJs who are bringing new and exciting content to the AM airwaves this spring.

Math Class Angst

Hosted by Dan Le

Mondays from 7-8 p.m.

Along with hosting the morning show early in the week, Radio 1190’s own Dan Le will be hosting a new specialty show called “Math Class Angst” in the spring semester.

Le describes the show as the musical equivalent to the naive moment when your high school crush takes a seat right next to you in math class. The show will be centered on the genre “math rock” which utilizes the more technical side of music, with complex rhythms and melodies. The show will focus more on modern-day math rock scenes around the world that have a lot of tie-ins to genres like emo, post-rock, math-core, hardcore punk and grind core.

If you tune into “Math Class Angst” you can expect to hear music from math-rock staples like Battles, This Town Needs Guns and Hella.

If Dan could live in any television show universe it would be “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” because the ’90s aesthetic is great and Sarah Michelle Gellar is a qt 3.14.


Hosted by Dan Burney

Mondays from 5-6 p.m.

After a successful semester of DJing, specialty music director Dan Burney has returned for another installment of his electronic-focus show “RPM.” The show brings something fresh and exciting in the form of sound that falls under the all-encompassing category of “electronic music.” You can expect anything and everything from dance to ambient noise, with an emphasis on the new.

If you tune into Dan’s show you may hear some of his favorite artists, including Factory Floor, Your Tet, Burial, Ben Frost, The Fiueld, Amon Tobin and more.

Lately for breakfast, Dan has been digging toasted bagels with cream cheese and lox, as well as eggs over-easy with bacon and toast. Breakfast is important.

Monotone Voices

Hosted by Donato and Sean

Mondays from 2-3 p.m.

Long-time 1190 supporters Donato Ruscitti and Sean Gentry have earned their way up the ranks and will usher in the spring semester with their new specialty show “Monotone Voices.”

The show is dedicated to artists who sang in baritone, spoken-vocal styles often holding unique vocal attitudes. The duo will be playing music primarily from the ’60s to the ’80s, including artists such as Lou Reed, Beat Happening and the Modern Lovers.

If Donato and Sean were vegetables they would be an avocado and an artichoke respectively. Will the two be speaking on air with monotone voices? Tune in every Monday from 2-3 p.m. to find out.


Hosted by Natalie Graham

Tuesdays 10 a.m.-noon

To bring in the new year, CU junior Natalie Graham will host a rotation show on Radio 1190. Natalie will play music in rotation and will bring a focus on rock and blues, with an emphasis on local and international artists.

Natalie will introduce unique tastes to listener’s palettes without souring them on any genre. If you tune into her show, you may hear tunes from El Ten Eleven, Django Django or Ratatat.

If Natalie was a flower, she would be a dandelion because even though she shouldn’t be in your yard, she is happy to brighten your day or listen to your deepest wishes.

Morning Show

Hosted by Adam Tammariello

Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 7-10 a.m.

Recently, Radio 1190 personality Adam Tammariello took over the morning show on the weekends and on Thursdays.

Though Adam plays mostly rotation, he likes to take his own spin on the show. Usually, Adam likes to play music that’s easier on the ears, including some singer-songwriter or acoustic tracks. But with that being said, the flavor of the show changes with however he’s feeling that day.

If you tune into his show, you might be able to hear some of Adam’s favorite artists including Deerhunter, Grandaddy, Dirty Projectors and Tera Melos.

If Adam was a household pet, he said that he would be a ferret because they are illegal in California and he likes to lead a life of crime.

James Calvet is the music director at CU-Boulder’s Radio 1190. Read his weekly “On-air next” column in the Colorado Daily on Thursdays. Catch up here:

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