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  • Boulder's Cold River City performs in the newsroom's Second Story...

    Paul Aiken / Staff Photographer

    Boulder's Cold River City performs in the newsroom's Second Story Garage.



Because of my experience recording bands for the newsroom’s Second Story Garage, I end up following the performances and general doings of a lot of locals.

Second Story Garage is the Colorado Daily’s “Daytrotter” type of studio, if you didn’t know. We’ve been live-recording bands and soloists nonstop for the last three years, so check us out on our YouTube channel if you haven’t.

Its unbelievably cool for me to watch acts like Sunsquabi make a start locally and then, concert by concert, EP by EP begin to break out nationally. Boulderites performing on a world-famous stage like our own Red Rocks Amphitheater, as Squab did recently, is really encouraging for the future of music-making in this area.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about Eminence Ensemble headlining the Fox Theatre. With the Fox’s well-regarded sound system amplifying them and a lighting professional on hand, these guys put on what really felt like a national-quality show.

And so my aim here is to pass on my inside knowledge of how really excellent some of these local bands may be, even if you haven’t heard of them.

One such band that you may have heard of really impressed me during our recording process. That’s the local six-piece called Cold River City. On March 3, they’ll open for The Revivalists at the Fox, and I’m guessing you’ve heard of that band. This is a really good pairing in my mind, because both bands have this exploratory element to their compositions.

If you watch SSG’s Cold River City videos, you might have your attention captured first by the band’s frontwoman, Emma, or perhaps by the mysterious instrument set up to the right of her, wielded by Brian Hubbert. Have a listen to what they created for us. Emma’s haunting vocals and mesmerizing stage presence are only the beginning of the Cold River City story. The solo and jam sections at the end really show the dynamics and creativity that these six locals can muster.

Movin’ on up… in years that is. I hesitate to bring up this next show, because I think it’s already going to fill up to capacity within maybe an hour. But it’s just too freakin’ good to not mention.

Boulder’s own Jaden Carlson is turning 15, and for her birthday she’s putting on a free show at the Lazy Dog.

Why is that going to sell out you ask?

Well if you don’t know, her band is one of the absolute best in the Front Range. Add to that the fact that she’s jammed or sat in with countless local bands (and several national ones like Umphrey’s McGee and TAUK) — and many of them are dropping in to appear throughout the show tonight.

Jaden’s band will have some new tricks up its sleeve, I can guarantee that.

So all in all I think you can count your weekend worthless if you didn’t go to this show. It’s Friday night at 10 at the Lazy Dog in downtown Boulder. Get there early.

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