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  • Hear Aesop Rock this week on Radio 1190.

    Courtesy photo

    Hear Aesop Rock this week on Radio 1190.

  • Pity Sex is now spinning on CU's Radio 1190.

    Courtesy photo

    Pity Sex is now spinning on CU's Radio 1190.



Tune into Radio 1190 this week to hear these three releases which all express emotional extremes.

Pity Sex‘s second full-length album “White Hot Moon” is sure to satisfy your low-fi emo cravings this week. Their second album with Run For Cover, “White Hot Moon” is a well-produced follow up to 2013’s “Feast Of Love.”

This release has heavy influences from Tigers Jaw and Ceremony — two bands that Pity Sex has been touring with in the last two years. “White Hot Moon” veers a little closer to pop than previous recordings, but the record maintains the group’s signature sound.

Tracks “Burden You,” “What Might Soothe You” and “White Hot Moon” will grab your attention, but the entire record stands as a great new release.

If you’re inspired by Joy Division or Echo & The Bunnymen, you’ll definitely dig “Fracture. Repair. Repeat.” from In Letter Form​. “Fracture. Repair. Repeat.” works hand in hand with 2014’s “Explorations of Unknown Destinations” and takes In Letter Form to new depths of gloom.

This release pulsates with shimmering guitars and broody basslines, all of which lie beneath Eric Miranda’s haunting baritone. Be sure to tune into 1190AM to check it out.

Finally, Aesop Rock​’s new record “The Impossible Kid” merges the rapper’s signature wit with a Run The Jewels-level of electronic production. A rapper known for his impressive vocabulary and intelligent lyricism, Aesop Rock has created an impressive dystopian soundscape with “The Impossible Kid.” This release is his second record with Rhymesayers and it shows the MC’s true mastery of his craft. Aesop Rock is no newcomer to the scene, but “The Impossible Kid” proves that he deserves to stick around for awhile longer.

Jarocki is Radio 1190’s music director. Read more reviews:

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