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Boston police have been handing out ice cream for years, and now they have a fancy new ride just for that purpose.
Courtesy Boston Police Department
Boston police have been handing out ice cream for years, and now they have a fancy new ride just for that purpose.

Boston police add $89,000 ice cream truck to patrol fleet

BOSTON — The Boston Police Department has unveiled an $89,000 ice cream truck as the newest addition to its patrol fleet.

The truck, adorned with balloons and Boston police decals, was introduced Monday at police headquarters in the city’s Roxbury neighborhood. It will be used as part of “Operation Hoodsie Cup,” a community policing initiative that has distributed roughly 120,000 free ice cream cups since 2010.

Commissioner William Evans says he would’ve called you crazy if you told him 30 years ago that the BPD would have an ice cream truck as part of its fleet, but the goodwill it generates is “undeniable.”

The truck was purchased by the Boston Police Foundation. Local dairy company HP Hood has donated all of the ice cream for distribution.

Nearly 100 ducks to be up for adoption after illegal release

SECAUCUS, N.J. — Nearly 100 domesticated ducks that officials say were illegally released in New Jersey are expected to be available for adoption early next week.

Barnyard Sanctuary founder Tamala Lester tells The Record newspaper that she’s received more than 100 offers to adopt the 92 Khaki Campbell ducks. They’ll be available on Aug. 8 after they have been in quarantine for three weeks.

Authorities say they don’t have new information into the investigation, which started last month, after a report of ducks being released into the Hackensack River. Many were found in the grass outside of a Secaucus mall.

Lester says each duck will be available for a $20 adoption fee.

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