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    That s local lettuce on your burger. The Boulder restaurant scene is big on sustainable food practices and sourcing ingredients from local farms.

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How’d you land in Boulder? Grew up in the C-O and locked in a future at the University of Colorado when in a Buff onesie? Journeyed here for the fresh powder and snowsports? The gorgeous scenery? The cool people?

Perhaps your parents are alum and made the decision for you. Or maybe you’re leaking scholarship funds out your wallet. Or the long list of CU’s fine academics and reputation drew you here. Or the astronauts. (Go Buff astronauts.)

Wait, it’s the legal weed, isn’t it?

You would.

Regardless, you’re here and you’re hungry for knowledge. But also for pizza and burgers and burritos and omelets and sandwiches and tacos and pancakes. And beer.

Aside from wonderfully cheap college munchies to delicious campus cafeterias — no sarcasm here, CU Boulder Dining Services boasts culinary awards — Boulder has been touted by Bon Appetit and Food & Wine magazines. The county houses famed chefs (“Top Chef” winners and competitors) and pros who are decorated with James Beard Awards (it’s like a food Oscar — it’s a big deal).

A cool thing about Boulder is that the city thrives among its food sustainability. Many eateries utilize organic and non-GMO agriculture from local farmers. Hell, some owners themselves pick menu items off their own local farm.

Then in the warm(ish) months, Boulder County Farmers Markets (which operate Saturdays from April to November and Wednesdays from May to October) features more than 150 local vendors with fresh, sustainable eats (and treats).

And then there’s beer. BEER.

Sure Pabst and Keystone are solid college staples (mine was Natty Light, mmm), remember to branch out when you hit that lovely drinking age. Boulder County has dozens upon dozens (and counting) of craft breweries — delicious, award-winning, world-renowned breweries.

Now go eat, I can hear your damn stomach from Denver.

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