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  • There's nothing like a dancing banana to let you know...

    Cliff Grassmick / Staff Photographer

    There's nothing like a dancing banana to let you know you're at a slammin' party.

  • Program Council organizes the annual fall Welcomefest Concert on Farrand...

    Cliff Grassmick / Staff Photographer

    Program Council organizes the annual fall Welcomefest Concert on Farrand Field.



With age comes wisdom.

After 50 years, well, let’s just say the Program Council has become pretty darn wisdom-ous.

In one iteration or another, this group has brought all sorts of entertainment to campus, through live music, major motion pictures and more. Since its start, folks with the Program Council have drawn big names to Boulder, from Elvis Costello to the Grateful Dead. More recently, Wyclef Jean, Kygo, and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have come to town.

A little something for everyone, and that doesn’t even count annual events like the Welcomefest Concert. The event is held every fall at Farrand Field and brings the same big energy you’ve come to expect from Program Council concerts, with thousands crowding in for the show. Battle of the Bands also brings the beats, challenging up-and-coming artists to bust out the best they have. They get the chance to share their music with an audience eager to lap it all up.

Local songwriters will also get their chance to shine. On Sept. 2, folks at the Program Council and Club 156, the University Memorial Center’s very own music venue on campus, are hosting a night for local songwriters like Sophie Floor, Ethan Cohen and Nate Harvey. Anyone intrigued by emerging talent will get in for free, for a night of good music.

And it’s not just music you’ll find when sifting through the Program Council’s calendar.

Free film screenings (and the always-appreciated complimentary popcorn) pop up regularly, held just a short walk away on campus. From “American Sniper” to “Into the Woods,” there’s a film to fit whatever mood or movie lover you’re trying to accommodate. And with that “free” price tag, this option’s far more appealing than a busy theater.

For the financially strapped student population, Program Council’s planners are always looking for a way to keep things exciting on the cheap.

Get involved

Love what the Program Council’s doing? There are all sorts of opportunities to get involved. Their Street Team, for example, is a group of student volunteers who spread the word on all the fun goings-on. They market across campus to make sure you know about the next movie or live music event. Every Wednesday, they meet in the Program Council Office at the UMC. Check it out and see if you’d like to get involved.

You can also go gold. From their website (, just follow the link for Gold List VIP Membership. You radiant few will score discounts on concert tickets, get free entry into some of the Club 156 shows, and chances to win things like autographed posters and meet ‘n’ greets with the big names coming to campus. Not too shabby — especially for $10.

You’ll also want to go all social media on this. Whether you’re logging on to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, folks at Program Council want to connect with you. It’ll make it that much easier to find out about sweet events coming up this weekend. All the better to plan your procrastination around.

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