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    This sign hangs on an exit door at the Terrapin Care Station.

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    Maria Tristani smells a bud of marijuana while shopping at Helping Hands recreational marijuana store.

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    Maxim Rohowsky gives dosage advice to Ashley Botten, who was buying marijuana edibles at Terrapin Care Station in Boulder. Her friend Virginia Nastase bought prerolled joints.

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    A variety of buds are on display at The Station.

  • Vince Chandler / The Denver Post

    A variety of buds are on display at The Station.



Let’s begin by acknowledging that the absolute headiest stuff in town can be found exclusively at Dan’s apartment over in Goss Grove. Dan has a crazy good connect from his brother in New Mexico, and he just got a zip of some fire, my dude. What’s more, he’s also down to match on a bowl if you wanna stick around for a minute.

We also have to be realistic, though, about the fact that Dan is but a human. A human with some bomb-ass Afghani Kush that actually placed 6th at the 2012 Cannabis Cup. But a human, nevertheless. He can only serve so many of you at once, and it’s likely that every lye puffer in Boulder will, at some point, run low when Dan is out of town, perhaps re-upping in New Mexico.

And when Dan is out, where will you run to? Well, if you’re 21, take your pick, because the shops in Boulder are many. That’s why we wanted to provide you with a list of places to score your weed, though we also hope it’s clear by now that we definitely want you to keep our guy Dan in mind whenever possible.

Let us help you achieve your weed goals. Hop around to different shops and taste all the strains, incinerate all the oils and waxes, and munch on all the edibles! Rail a bunch of keef and lose your fucking mind! Renounce the Lord and cover your face in breast milk!

OK. So, uhh, anyway, for the Dan-less times, here are some shops we think you should know about:

14er Holistics

2897 Mapleton Ave.

Boulder, 303-539-6525

Boulder Botanics

1750 30th St.

Boulder, 720-379-6046

Boulder Wellness Center

5420 Arapahoe Ave.

Boulder, 303-442-2565

Fresh Baked Dispensary

2539 Pearl St.

Boulder, 303-440-9393

Headquarters Cannabis Co.

537 Canyon Blvd.

Boulder, 720-287-1635

Karing Kind

5854 Rawhide Ct.

Boulder, 303-449-9333

Magnolia Road

1750 30th St.

Boulder, 720-502-4867

MMJ America

1909 Broadway

Boulder, 303-862-4064

Native Roots

1146 Pearl St.

Boulder, 720-726-5126

Elements Boulder

1534 55th St.

Boulder, 303-444-0861

Terrapin Care Station

1795 Folsom St.

Boulder, 303-954-8402

The Green Room

2750 Glenwood Drive

Boulder, 303-945-4074

The Honey Cellar

5290 Arapahoe Ave.

Boulder, 303-953-2852

The Station

3005 28th St.

Boulder, 303-442-0892

Trill Alternatives

1537 Pearl St.

Boulder, 720-287-0645

Village Green Society

2043 16th St.

Boulder, 720-389-5726

Helping Hands Dispensary

1021 Pearl St.

Boulder, 720-476-6186

The Farm

2801 Iris Ave.

Boulder, 303-440-1323

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