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    Bon Iver's new album, "22, A Million," drops today.



In the music business, timing is everything. Also true with music writing, because no matter how cool an event may be, if it happens after you’re reading this, it is nothing but wasted words.

So I’m bummed that last night’s local music showcase at Boulder’s recording studio and music hotspot KMGLife isn’t happening tonight or over the weekend.

KMG is a new local studio as of last December, having moved into the recording spaces vacated by Immersive Studios. Owner Greg Kimball had built a brand and a following in Denver before moving the headquarters up here. The move brought most KMG’s clients up our way to do their thing, but as the move was also an expansion, KMG is poised to provide recording duties to the Front Range’s best and brightest musical talent.

Part studio and part recording school, KMG recently partnered with School of Rock to provide a playground for youngsters interested in the recording side of the business. The new studio headquarters also features a concert venue of decent size with a serious stage and sound system. According to Greg, there’s a Pro Tools rig connected to the stage too, so every show can be recorded seriously. Talking to Greg you might wonder if there’s a Pro Tools rig in the janitor closet or one in the parking lot, just in case.

Kidding. KMG’s ultimate goal besides recording great music is to engage the local music community and help it grow. One way they’re doing this is through their monthly showcases of local bands and talent. The next one will happen the on last Thursday of October, and as we get closer I’ll mention the show and lineup again. It’s always a free show, there’s a bar in the concert hall, and your best buddies might be the slayers on stage. Occasionally they’ll feature an out-of-towner just here to record at KMG, but mostly it is Boulder locals doing their thing at KMG’s digs each month.

So Bon

Timing also bit my ass today because I wanted to share a do-it-yourself speaker kit that was all the rage eight years ago. Apparently, the Japanese company behind the kits no longer supplies them to the U.S. While I’ve got inquiries out to the kit’s maker Tang Band and await a response, instead this week I’ll point you toward another new album that should be blowing your socks off today.

Chances are you know of Bon Iver already, and perhaps like my boss Scott, their last album was a major feature of your life at the time. Like, on-repeat-all-day-for-six-months kind of major feature.

Their music is creative and engrossing enough to spend that much time on it. So I hope you have some listening moments handy because the band is dropping a new album today called “22, A Million,” and it’s the first full record for them since 2011. I’ve already heard a single, “33 ‘GOD,'” which is straight fire. I cannot wait to get this album, and by the time you’re reading this, I’ll likely have it on repeat.

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