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Voting for a third party? Not voting? Think again.

Some people, fed up with both major candidates, are understandably planning to vote for a third-party candidate or not to vote at all. But consider this:

Even if the threat of a Trump presidency is low, we need to bury him so deeply that his poisonous influence will be extinguished decisively. If he loses by a hair, the resulting resentment and accusations of vote-rigging could turn ugly. Further, we need to send a clear message to future Trump-like demagogues that their hate tactics won’t work. That not only requires a win for Clinton, it requires a massive win.

Also, don’t count Trump out. A 16 percent chance of a Trump win is about the same as the chance of losing at Russian roulette — and the possible results have some similarities.

Much as we need to build a third party, this is not the time to abstain or to vote for a third-party presidential candidate. In spite of her drawbacks, we need to give Hillary Clinton a landslide victory. Voting for Hillary is crucial!

Arden Buck, Nederland

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