New Massachusetts trooper is 8-inch elf doll named ‘Statie’

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — The newest member of the Massachusetts State Police is 8 inches tall and used to work for Santa Claus.

“Statie the Elf” has been appearing on the department’s social media accounts all month.

It’s the brainchild of Trooper Dustin Fitch, who got a custom-tailored uniform made for an “Elf on the Shelf” doll.

Statie has spent time with the motorcycle and mounted units, written reports and cleared snow from a car after a storm. He even got his driver’s license at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, but not before getting his eyes checked.

Fitch says Statie has gotten a lot of positive attention, especially from kids. He says Statie is likely to only be around for the holidays, but he has a few more things planned before Christmas.

Stuffed to the gills: City pond overloaded with goldfish

WILMINGTON, Del. — A Delaware city is spending more than $300,000 to evict thousands of goldfish and restore the pond they took over.

Sean Duffy is director of the water division for Wilmington’s Public Works Department. The News Journal quotes him as saying that when officials received a complaint from the pond’s neighbors and checked on the goldfish population, they realized they were “heading toward a catastrophe.”

Duffy says the city started draining the pond and removing fish and overgrown plants three weeks ago. He estimates they’ve relocated about 4,000 fish. He says officials don’t know what caused the infestation, but the city will stock the pond with native fish to head off a population explosion if goldfish are ever introduced again.

Associated Press

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