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Norlin Library is the obvious choice for studying, which is why the first floor is usually so crowded. Venture up to the stacks to find your own quiet nook.

In between the flurry of parties and plumes of smoke that the modern college experience in Colorado has to offer, some of you might want to get around to some studying once and awhile.

While there never seems to be enough space within CU’s infinitely growing 600-acre campus, for many students looking for a quiet study room, the answer lies in the fringe spots in some of the university’s upper floors — high above the chaos playing out at the school’s ground levels.

Norlin Library Stacks

A library’s a bit of an obvious choice for studying, but there’s one spot in particular students treasure: the ever-silent top floor refuge known as the stacks.

Perched high above the hustle and bustle of Norlin’s first floor, the stacks’ monolithic bookcases and vertigo-inducing hallways offer weary students many quiet nooks — but good luck finding your way back out.

UMC: Fifth Floor

If you’re willing to make the climb high above the noise of the shops and bowling alley that inhabit the student center’s first floor to a spot that has proven true for knowing students over the years, the UMC’s fifth floor lounge is the place for you.

“The fifth floor at the UMC, especially during the warmer months, has always been a quiet and welcoming location for studying,” said Colin Clark, a senior studying chemistry. “Pair that with the view of the Flatirons, and it feels foolish to not give it your best effort.”

Only accessible by stairs and overlooking the city’s prized Flatirons, the fifth-floor study space offers students who know where to find it a rare quiet space to cram at the center of campus.

Top of Duane Physics tower

Speaking of a great view, look no further than the top of Duane Physics tower — the school’s tallest education building.

Technically reserved for graduate students, sneaky undergrads have been stealing into the top of the physics tower for years to get a glimpse of the panoramic campus view and get some studying done at the same time.

Center For Community: Dining hall/upper floors

The C4C, as it’s better known, is popular for its variety of dining options, so why not bring your books along? Whether you’re brushing up over lunch or squatting for the day, endless food and drink options make the dining hall a delicious study space. Cushioned chairs and large windows make the third-floor lounge a good option if mixing food and your organic chemistry homework isn’t appetizing.

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