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Dylan Donaldson puts labels on containers of recreational marijuana at Karing Kind, 5854 Rawhide Court in Boulder.

Some of you may not know this, but a long time ago, in 2013, we had to be extremely careful with this column. Recreational marijuana was not yet legal in Colorado, so naturally, it was much more dangerous for us to publish our annual list of places to buy weed.

Back then, our marijuana correspondents would develop vast networks of sources, performing interviews with people illegally dealing, buying and critiquing the local fare. Many of these interviews had to be conducted under the cover of night, and we always printed our lists under pseudonyms, just to be safe.

Sure, the feds knew about our column. Every cop and drug enforcement agent in this goddamn state knew about it! But we always stayed one step ahead, taking extreme precaution not to tip anyone off to how we obtained and then publicized information on what was then considered an illicit drug.

It feels so silly, of course, coming into work today and seeing all the security systems we put in place at the Colorado Daily years ago to protect this column. Now that weed is fully legal, we barely ever go into the panic room, and it’s been weeks since one of us needed to use the newsroom rifle.

Do some of us miss the thrill of reporting on pot in the sexy and high-risk days before Amendment 64 was passed? Hell yeah.

But this newspaper is clean now. That was another time. We get to write about where to buy weed under our real names, finally, with no feds on our smooth butts.

So let us help you achieve your bud, edible, tincture, marijuana-infused beverage, THC skin patch, wax, cannibinoid lotion and whatever-else-they’re-selling-these-days goals the legal way.

Behold the list:

14er Holistics

2897 Mapleton Ave.

Boulder, 303-539-6525

Boulder Botanics

1750 30th St.

Boulder, 720-379-6046

Boulder Wellness Center

5420 Arapahoe Ave.

Boulder, 303-442-2565

Fresh Baked Dispensary

2539 Pearl St.

Boulder, 303-440-9393

Headquarters Cannabis Co.

537 Canyon Blvd.

Boulder, 720-287-1635

Karing Kind

5854 Rawhide Court

Boulder, 303-449-9333

Magnolia Road

1750 30th St.

Boulder, 720-502-4867

MMJ America

1909 Broadway

Boulder, 303-862-4064

Native Roots

1146 Pearl St.

Boulder, 720-726-5126

Elements Boulder

1534 55th St.

Boulder, 303-444-0861

Terrapin Care Station

1795 Folsom St.

Boulder, 303-954-8402

The Green Room

2750 Glenwood Drive

Boulder, 303-945-4074

The Honey Cellar

5290 Arapahoe Ave.

Boulder, 303-953-2852

The Station

3005 28th St.

Boulder, 303-442-0892

Trill Alternatives

1537 Pearl St.

Boulder, 720-287-0645

Village Green Society

2043 16th St.

Boulder, 720-389-5726

Helping Hands Dispensary

1021 Pearl St.

Boulder, 720-476-6186

The Farm

2801 Iris Ave.

Boulder, 303-440-1323

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