This section was designed to answer the questions most often asked about the 2017 high school madrigal concert. The questions are just a representative sample of what we routinely answer. Should you have further inquiries, please call our hotline.


Q: Did you say “magical”?

A: No, “madrigal.” It’s a part-song for several voices, typically from the Renaissance, arranged in counterpoint and without instrumental accompaniment.

Q: What?

A: It’s a big sing-along, without a piano. The term “madrigal” has to do with a genre of 14th-century Italian songs, although the term now usually refers to English or Italian songs of the late 16th and early 17th century.

Q: What century is this?

A: Don’t be a smart ass.

Q: So we’re going to a show where high schoolers sing to us?

A: Yes. And serve us dinner. You’re signed up for chicken.

Q: We’re eating dinner on a Saturday night at a high school?

A: In the cafeteria. Hurry up. We’re gonna be late.

Q: We don’t have even have a player in the game here. Why are we going to this?

A: We’re supporting local arts, which are in steep decline across the country, and we’re supporting our nephew. It’s a small price to pay, and maybe it’ll be fun.

Q: Wait, we paid for this?

A: Please get in the car. We don’t have time to walk now.

Q: Is that kid’s mustache real?

A: He’s a senior and he’s very proud of it. Please be quiet; they’re about to sing the rules of court to us.

Whispered Q: What is this yellow liquid? It’s warm and I’m scared of it.

Whispered A: It’s cider. They can’t serve beer in a high school.

Whispered Q: Can just anyone join high school choir?

Hissed A: That is the musical director. Please be quiet.

Written Q: Is that kid dancing like Frankenstein on purpose?

Written A: He’s showing off for that girl over there.

Q: Do we have to go dance too? Please say no.

A: We’re going to hold hands with strangers and run in a circle in the middle of the cafeteria. We’re supposed to be in the king’s hall, eating dinner and dancing. Please just go with it.

Q: Why do you hate me?

A: They’re gonna sing again. Keep it down.

Whispered Q: What do those kids in the funny outfits carrying the hot yellow water keep saying?

Hissed A: They’re asking if you want any more wassail.

Loud Q: What’s wassail?

Hissed A: The cider.

Whispered Q: I like the cider.

A: That’s not a question.

Q: Why is that minstrel kid using so much vibrato?

A: If you could sing like that, you would, too.

Q: That was hilarious. Can we come again next year?

A: Sure.

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