Video Station’s closing is a shock

I have been visiting the Video Station for years. It’s given me a real education in cinema history. Thank you, Bruce Shamma and your great staff. I’m sure the reaction of your loyal customers is very much like the freeze-frame shot of the boy at the end of “The 400 Blows”: a bewilderment that combines the shock of what has happened with an uncertainty in the future.

Joseph E. Collins, Longmont

Trump’s budget priorities hurt Americans

In the last federal budget, House Republicans gave the Pentagon more money than it requested. Now Donald Trump wants to shower even more money on the military and the re-invigorization of our nuclear arsenal. This is to be accomplished by reducing spending on domestic programs like the federal oversight of banking and protection of the environment. How this benefits the American public is impossible to explain.

Robert Porath, Boulder

Invite Obama to correspondents dinner

Since Trump isn’t coming to the 2017 dinner, why not really infuriate him and invite Obama back? Obama is funny and articulate; he’s a great speaker and would take any of the humorous jabs well. It would show Trump that the media isn’t intimidated or afraid of him. You’d get a “huuuuge” audience. “Sad” and “Mad” for him!

Without even ever saying his name, many jokes would be on Trump. Think about it … if not Obama, how about Biden or another really popular person from the previous administration? The main outcome would be a huge international audience while never, ever saying Trump’s name throughout the program.

Ida M. Halasz, Longmont