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  • Denver band Rossonian dropped their EP "Late Kids" in January.

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    Denver band Rossonian dropped their EP "Late Kids" in January.



Last week, I ran through five local artists with albums either coming soon or just released. Most of the groups have yet to publish their albums, but Great American Taxi’s latest and Gasoline Lollipops’ “Resurrection” are both available and ready for a listen. In fact, if you’re in a honky tonk kind of mood, you really can’t go wrong by firing up those two local gems, on shuffle and repeat.

Before I move on to more local albums in the works — and there are a lot of them — here’s another record on my radar that you can already buy. Denver “hot pop, garage-soul, electro sensual rock & roll” band Rossonian finally dropped their EP “Late Kids” in January, and it is baller and very worth your time. “Late Kids” together with their previous EP “You Are Your Own Dentist” encapsulate everything good that’s happening in the Denver pop scene.

I recently wrote about the Boulder funky fusion improv trio The RunniKine, whose single “They Walk Among Us” from their upcoming EP is now available on the band’s Soundcloud page. Their upcoming EP is set to drop sometime in the spring.

Folkgrass/heartstrings-pullers Monocle Band wrapped a successful crowdfunding campaign in February and are now recording their next effort with local sound wizard Jon McVey at Cinder Studios. A release date is yet to be announced, but you can follow the recording process like I do through the band’s Instagram and Twitter pages.

She’s not living around here anymore, but Ayo Awosika has deep roots in Denver and she’s doing something interesting this spring. In January, Ayo recorded a whole night of live new music at a club owned by a friend in Brooklyn. The microphones were capturing it all, but the key difference between her next effort and the rest I’ll mention here is that the video cameras were rolling as well, and Ayo plans to release the record not as a physical CD or DVD, but as a digital download of a “Live Video EP” containing all-new work by the soulful songstress.

“Livetronica” is a newish genre, and around these parts, it typically displays a marriage of jam/funk and electronic production. Denver’s Big Gigantic and EOTO are two easy examples of this, and both are relatively big acts on the national stage. The Front Range must be a breeding ground for livetronica laced with funkiness, because Boulder band SunSquabi are on an obvious rise to meet their city brethren in fame and renown.

They’ve been piling up the EPs over the years, and this year looks like another good one full of new music from the local duo. They plan to release their next EP “Deluxe,” and they’ve been teasing out singles since the start of 2017. Head to their Soundcloud homepage, and feast on the funk!

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