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    "Pure Comedy" by Father John Misty

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    "50 Song Memoir" by The Magnetic Fields

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    "Hot Thoughts" by Spoon



Recently, we’ve been getting weird on Radio 1190. From obscure ’70s cuts to killer local bands, we hope you turn on Radio 1190 and constantly hear something you’ve never heard before. This week, we’re spinning three new records from well-recognized groups that are sure to be classics one day. Read on for the lowdown on new music you’re sure to dig.

“Selections from 50 Song Memoir” by The Magnetic Fields is a sweet treat for songwriting fans. Best known for their 1999 record “69 Love Songs,” The Magnetic Fields have continually pushed the songwriting envelope throughout their lengthy career. “69 Love Songs” is a sweeping, 3-CD set with 69 songs about love and depression. Their new record “50 Song Memoir” chronicles 50 years of singer Stephin Merritt’s life, one track for every year. Merritt’s always been an idiosyncratic songwriter, focusing on unconventional subjects, strange predicaments and strangely heartwarming lyrics. He tackles his own life through this lens, exploring the strange reality of growing up in the United States. We took the choicest cuts from these 50 and threw them on air. Tune in for a delicious experience.

Father John Misty is a self-replicating enigma, a sardonic superstar and a strange darling of the independent music scene. He carried his real name, Josh Tillman, while he played drums for Fleet Foxes. After his departure in 2012, he christened himself Father John Misty, purveyor of irony and fabricated persona. His first record, “Fear Fun,” brimmed with boiling angst and cutting remarks. The irony was so thick, I could hardly tell what was real and what was an act. His persona instantly created a cult following, and 2015’s “I Love You, Honeybear” was an overnight smash hit. I was anxious to listen to the new record. What could he do this time that hasn’t been done before?

“Pure Comedy” completely diverts the question. Instead of answers or expansion on his previous record, he returns to what made him great. The new songs sound much closer to “Fear Fun,” and that’s a good thing in my opinion. This record is outrageous, subtly beautiful and profoundly interesting. Father John Misty’s a divisive character. Tune into Radio 1190 this week to make up your mind.

I’m not sure how Spoon has managed to stick around for 20 years and still make cool records. There are too many bands that I wish gave up while they were ahead, but Spoon is definitely an exception. Their new release “Hot Thoughts” blends early 2000’s alt-pop with great 2017 sounds. With Spoon, you can always expect explosive vocal performances from Britt Daniel coupled with their signature rock sound. “Hot Thoughts” isn’t anything unexpected, but that isn’t always a bad thing. At the end of the day, if I can still count on Spoon to make a good record, I’ll still have some faith in the mainstream indie scene.

These three and more this week on Radio 1190 — 98.9 FM Boulder and 1190 AM Denver.

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