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Firefighters help rescue a horse from a hole in the ground in Riverside, Calif.

Whoa: Horse rescued after falling into hole in California

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Authorities say a horse returning from a run to Taco Bell escaped serious injury after falling into a 5-foot-deep hole in Southern California.

Fire officials say the saddled horse and its rider had just left a Taco Bell near downtown Riverside on Saturday when the cover on a utility vault collapsed.

Battalion Chief Jeff DeLaurie says a crane was initially requested to haul the horse from the vault but it wasn’t needed. The animal managed to position itself so crews could pull it out using ropes.

A veterinarian says the horse suffered minor cuts to its legs.

DeLaurie tells the Press-Enterprise that it’s unusual to see a horse in that part of the inland city of about 300,000 people.

Grammar vigilante is fixing signs in U.K.

LONDON — It’s an urban myth come true — the presence of a man dedicated to ridding the English city of Bristol of grammatical errors in its shop signs.

He goes out at night with a self-styled device used to cover up misplaced apostrophes from street signs in the city 120 miles west of London. He uses stickers, not paint.

The man has not been identified, but he told BBC in a report broadcast Monday that he doesn’t consider his alterations of the signs and store fronts to be a crime. He says the real crime is putting apostrophes in the wrong places to begin with.

It’s not a new obsession — he’s been at it for 13 years.

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