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    "It's a Myth" by Sneaks

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    "Watercolor" by Porter Ray

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    "What In The Natural World" by Jake Xerxes Fussell



There’s surely something to strike your fancy on Radio 1190 this week. Here’s a lowdown on some of today’s best new music.

Back in August, I wrote about Sneaks‘ record “Gymnastics.” It was one of my favorite releases from last year, and I’ve been hyped on Sneaks ever since. Eva Moolchan’s new record “It’s A Myth” expands on the sonic territory covered in “Gymnastics” with added synths, deeper grooves and slightly longer songs (still clocking in under 3:18). Even with more instruments, everything is still deceptively low-key. Simple rhythmic sequences lie underneath Moolchan’s apathetic, straightforward delivery. “It’s A Myth” bleeds attitude. It cooly states, “If you’re bored, you’re boring.” Sneaks is playing punk music better than the punkers right now. Listen to it — or don’t. Your loss.

Porter Ray‘s debut album “Watercolor” is a fresh new hip-hop addition to Sub Pop’s roster. On first listen, you might expect “Watercolor” to come from Atlanta or Houston. Instead, Porter Ray serves it hot from Seattle, which makes a lot of sense. His beats have a gloomy underbelly, rain seeps into the holes between the kick and snare. Rather than project himself as a overbearing MC, Ray lets the instrumentals ride for a moody vibe. The tracks are honest. Tight lyricism meets complex topics on “Watercolor,” a combo which undersells itself to impress you later. “Watercolor” is sure to be Porter Ray’s equivalent of Danny Brown’s “XXX.” I’d suggest getting hip to it now. It’ll happen sooner or later.

If you need a breath of fresh air this week, you can lay your worries down on Jake Xerxes Fussell. His self-titled from 2015 was good, but 2017’s “What In The Natural World” is even better. We all know the folk-hero myth has been played out. From Bob Dylan to The Tallest Man On Earth, we’ve heard white dudes with acoustic guitars a thousand times over. Rather than become a superhuman figure, Fussell caries the soul of Townes Van Zandt. At the end of the day, a couple good tunes are enough for him. For a folksy, bluesy record that feels nostalgic in a good way, “What In The Natural World” will do you kindly.

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