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  • Rosie Forever's self-titled album is new music by CU alum...

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    Rosie Forever's self-titled album is new music by CU alum James Calvet, the previous music director of Radio 1190.

  • "Silver Haze" by Aye Nako

    Courtesy photo

    "Silver Haze" by Aye Nako



If you’ve read the Daily for more a year, you know that James Calvet wrote “On Air Next” before I took the post. His new record, as well as records from Aye Nako and Slowdive, are spinning heavy on Radio 1190 this week.

In July of last year, James Calvet graduated, left his position as music director and moved to Seattle. The result is the self-titled first record from Rosie Forever. Perhaps named after his childhood dog, perhaps the tarantula from Denver’s Butterfly Pavillion, Rosie Forever is definitely nostalgic. The nine tracks feature airy acoustic guitar, blips from a drum machine and a Kendrick-esque running theme delivered by a monotone, unearthly voice. There must be something about the Northwest that makes someone bend their guitar notes in a certain way — Rosie Forever feels like Modest Mouse, Built To Spill or Guided By Voices. Give the record a download on Bandcamp, or tune in to Radio 1190 this week.

“Silver Haze” from New York group Aye Nako is both a socially motivated artistic piece and an excellent new punk record. 2013’s “Unleash Yourself” put Aye Nako on the map, but their new record features the unique perspective of guitarist Jade Payne on vocals. “Silver Haze” is unequivocally vocal about LGBTQ and black rights, and it uses punk as a perfect delivery method. The songs are catchy by themselves, but the intelligent lyricism underneath makes “Silver Haze” a record to notice. I’ll stop talking; it’s best to hear it yourself. Check it out pronto.

Slowdive has always been close to my heart. After an extensive jaw surgery, “Souvlaki” kept my medicated mind going through the recovery process. That record, along with the Pitchfork Classic documentary, forever cemented them in my brain as a go-to great band. For the first time in over 22 years, the English shoegazers are releasing new music. “Currents” uses a new production style mixed with the same wistful, gorgeous songwriting you’d expect. Since Slowdive hit the scene in the ’90s, alternative music has been ripping them off. In 2017, I’ve heard elements of their sound in almost every new record. Can Slowdive hold up as shoegaze heavyweights? Listen to “Currents” this week and see for yourself.

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