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It is possible that World War III started on April 28, when North Korea tested another ballistic missile, the ninth test since Trump was sworn in as president, which clearly shows a defiant nature by an unstable leader, Kim Jung Un. The fact that President Trump is also unstable and has surrounded himself with pro-war interventionists increases the chances of a nuclear war with North Korea today and Iran tomorrow. This is why I argued that Hillary Clinton was the better choice between two horrible options for president, which proves the two-party political system is rigged or otherwise we would have had more viable candidates. Here we are, 100 days into President Trump’s presidency, and we are on the verge of nuclear annihilation as defense contractors cheer for war to increase their bounty.

When you have a narcissistic leader like Donald Trump whose knowledge of domestic and foreign policy is severely limited, it creates a massive rush by his chosen surrogates to try influencing his decisions through praise and adulation, because that is what he truly desires. However, this currying of favor only works if it aligns with what Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner believe, for they are the enablers of a fickle leader who is in way over his head. And despite the fact that it is illegal for a president and members of his cabinet to profit from their outside business interests, which they are supposed to be totally divested from, President Donald Trump and his top advisors Ivanka and Jared are profiting greatly from their businesses because of their political hierarchy. Thereby, the Trump monarchy — for they see themselves as royalty — has created nepotism in a White House filled with billionaires who seek to profit from their positions instead of running a more efficient government.

Moreover, President Trump’s political pundits are going on every news network saying the most outrageous nonsense that defies logic and is oblivious to the facts despite how foolish it makes them look. Just because President Trump’s core supporters think it is the media’s and Democrats’ fault doesn’t make it so, for many of these devout followers believe they are destined for heaven if a nuclear holocaust descends upon mankind. Isn’t this the same craziness these religious zealots attribute to Islam? And how is this radical insanity any different? At this moment, our fate is in the hands of warmongers and a cult leader while the rest of the world looks on in horror of a freak show run amok.

“Chicken Do Little” is of course Donald Trump — a braggadocios bully who had no plan nor idea of how to run a government or work with Congress once he entered the palace. Over 90 percent of key staffers needed to operate the White House on a daily basis have not been filled because President Trump wants a loyalty pledge rather than competent employees. If we use his current inept staff as a measure for how the Trump presidential administration is going to proceed, we are headed for some challenging days before Donald Trump is eventually impeached. Sooner hopefully than later, the GOP is going to realize President Trump is an albatross that will sink the Republican brand for generations to come if they don’t abandon this leaking vessel.

There is hope and then there is reality. Hope is fading and reality is setting in, for Donald Trump’s generals are about to get America involved in a nuclear war with no exit strategy. Sound familiar? This was the same tune played for military intervention into Iraq in 2003 and 14 years later, 16 in Afghanistan. We are still there with no end in sight. Meanwhile, “Chicken Do Little” is bragging about all his accomplishments, although the facts tell a different story of failure and incoherence by a chaotic incompetent presidential administration with no voice of reason other than a bumbling fool trolling on Twitter. And without a sane voice in President Trump’s ear, we can only speculate on what erratic decisions he may soon make regarding North Korea, and this is why knowledge, experience and competency do matter when choosing a president.

Good luck.