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Not diplomatic: Boar chases British ambassador in Austria

VIENNA — Some situations leave even the most seasoned diplomats unprepared. Take a British ambassador’s encounter with a wild boar.

Leigh Turner, Britain’s ambassador to Austria, says he was left shaken and lightly injured after being chased recently by a hostile boar in Vienna’s Lainzer Tiergarten nature park.

He wrote that a “massive” boar charged at him after he chanced upon a group of the animals — several adults and some piglets — in the woods. He said the boar “never made contact” but he sustained minor injuries caused by slipping while trying to climb a tree.

Although Turner says he escaped with only scratches and bruises, his blog shows a photo of what he calls a “pity-inducing splint” on his hand, meant to stabilize it until the swelling goes down.

Cheers! Bartender wins lottery, says he’ll care for family

NEW YORK — Maybe the next round is on him: A New York City bartender who hit a $7 million lottery says he has “no clue” what he’ll do with his winnings.

The New York Lottery said Tuesday that Michael Moriarty gets to keep about $4 million after required withholdings.

The 56-year-old says he’ll take care of his family and then consider any leftover funds.

Moriarty popped into a gift shop and bought the Cash Blowout scratch-off ticket after dropping off his laundry. That made him two minutes late meeting his daughter.

Moriarty notes he’s a “very punctual person.” He says after the shock of winning a lottery wears off, he might want to add “very lucky” to that description.

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