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  • The Jaden Carlson Band is too good for its current...

    Courtesy Kelly Carlson

    The Jaden Carlson Band is too good for its current level of notoriety.



I hope you all had as great a week as I did, running from moosen in the mountains per usual. Things in the news business change quickly, and it appears my old email addresses have gone by the wayside. You can now share your news and stories with me by emailing

This town is teeming with music talent. Consider two Fridays ago, when a Boulder-born and -raised teenage girl straight up annihilated the guitar and keys on the Fox Theatre stage with her band, in its third headlining performance there. The Jaden Carlson Band is one I mention from time to time because it is too good for its current level of notoriety. The band deserves a much larger crowd than made it out to the show this time, that’s for sure. Packing the house like they did in their previous headline Fox show last November is more in line with this group’s talents.

Admittedly, it is July, and if you’re a fan of melodic fusion jazz/rock/jam-funk, you are probably camping at a music “festy” in the woods somewhere. But Jaden’s got this handle on melody that is rare and that speaks to far more people than just the jam crowd. The members of JCB could make a living in NYC, but they choose to live here. So do yourself a favor and don’t miss it next time, eh?

Talent attracts talent, and at a typical JCB show, you’ll also find in the audience some of the area’s better musicians and recording engineers. Down on the floor, I ran into another young resident with loads of talent and an uber bright future.

Have you heard of Jacob Larson? The Superior resident released an EP at the end of April this year, so I’m a little behind.

Take it from me — “Aftershock” is an amazing product for a debut album. Production level is high, and he shows an impressive range and the ability to jump around a few different styles.

But the thing that sticks out from moment one of “Aftershock” is the real feature of his sound and the reason he’s in the place he is. This guy’s voice is uncanny. It’s larger than his body by about 6 feet. He can noodle and scoop like the best of the pop singers, but it’s the meat and rich tone of his voice that you remember. It’s like … Disney prince quality.

His voice reminds me of another local, Fort Collins’ Grayson Erhard, whose pipes similarly soar with ease. One of these guys actually will do vocal work for Disney one day — I’m calling it now. Check out what Grayson’s been up to on his YouTube channel. He’s been piecing out his new album as music videos, and he is working the guitar like a madman these days. Impressive.

But back to Jacob. Do check out his EP “Aftershock” by looking him up on Spotify or via the usual outlets. He and his big ol’ funk band are playing an outdoors show at Prospect Park on July 24, which is the next and only opportunity to see him locally for a few months.

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