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In order to ascend to the top echelons of CU's Radio 1190, Jolie Klefeker had to defeat all challengers in a no-holds-barred electric ukelele battle to the death.
Courtesy Jolie Klefeker
In order to ascend to the top echelons of CU’s Radio 1190, Jolie Klefeker had to defeat all challengers in a no-holds-barred electric ukelele battle to the death.

Jolie Klefeker is the new music director for Radio 1190, and as such is entrusted with the sacred duty of supplying a constant stream of new music to the ears at CU and beyond.

Get to know the musical muse orchestrating what plays on the airwaves.

After a successful interview, the Gods of Small Annoyances have hired you as an entry-level deity. How will your worshipers praise your name?

i think that capitalization and punctuation are annoying and while i acknowledge their necessity in formal writing i don’t when i am sending text messages or emails i feel like people get the point either way so why put in the extra work

You have died and become a ghost. (My condolences.) What place or object do you haunt, and how do you express your otherworldly frustration?

I would haunt Radio 1190 to complete my tenure as music director. I would use the special ghost powers of invisibility and telepathy to ensure that all of our DJs continue to play quality independent music for our listeners.

Oh no! You’re missing a finger. How did that happen?

In all seriousness, trying to fix or build something that I shouldn’t be. I’m a crafty lady and proud of it, but my bullheaded determination to “do it myself” often forces me into humbling and embarrassing situations.

That astronomer friend who owes you $100 has just discovered the large “Planet X” just beyond Pluto’s orbit. She offers you naming rights to get out of debt. What’s the name that’ll go in future textbooks?

“I’m not fond of humanity’s hubristic desire to name everything after ourselves.” That’s the name.

You wake up to a string of epithets shouted in a familiar voice. Gordon Ramsay is pacing in your bedroom, and he won’t go away until you cook something worth his time. What dish can you make to appease him?

A knuckle sandwich.

Wake up, sheeple! It’s a conspiracy! They’ve got everyone fooled, but you know the truth. What are They covering up?

Hilary won the election. And mumble rappers actually embrace complex metaphor that goes way over the head of your average music critic. They’ve transcended us all and have found a more authentic means of communication.

What new musical genre will take over the charts in 2018?

Mumble rap.

You’ve managed to slip a subliminal message into every iPhone on the planet. How will you know when it’s working?

All of my friends will be listening to Thin Lizzy on Spotify.

This isn’t a joke. I would actually tell everyone to listen to “Jailbreak” by Thin Lizzy. Rock ‘n’ roll isn’t cool with the young people anymore, and I guess I can accept that. But I can’t accept someone having lived their entire life without listening to this album all the way through. No way. Stop reading this immediately, go home, and put this album on. Your life will change for the better.

Klefeker is Radio 1190’s music director. Read more: