Imperialism also goes with communism

The op-ed “Imperialism goes hand in hand with capitalism” (page 25 of the Sept. 29 edition of the Colorado Daily) may lead to the conclusion that only capitalism leads to the imperialism. However, we all have witnessed imperialism by the Soviet Union, at that time the only socialist/communist country domineering the nations of Eastern Europe and the nations in its union that liberated themselves after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Only when this omission is corrected to include the above examples, then one can agree with that author’s definition of imperialism “as a relationship in which one society has an economic and political dominance over another one.”

Karel Kriz, Boulder

Vote yes on 2L, 2O and 2P

The ballot issues on municipalization present an easy choice. Do you want the fastest action on climate change? Do you want Boulder to be a leader in energy innovation? Do you want to end corporate control over your access to wind and solar energy? Do you want local decision-making? Do you want an on-ramp to 100 percent renewables? If your answer to any of these is yes, then vote yes on 2L, 2O, and 2P. Remember that a no vote surrenders all our options. Forward for Clean Energy!

Randy Compton, Boulder

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