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  • "Uh Oh!" is a brand new six-song EP from the...

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    "Uh Oh!" is a brand new six-song EP from the Canadian duo Tennyson.



About two minutes after I received an email notice last week that one of my favorite groups, Tennyson, had released a new album, my $12 was paid and the lossless AIFF files were downloading from Bandcamp.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love buying music from Bandcamp, and you should, too. I don’t know what the figures are like lately, but when I last wrote about it, Bandcamp was the best way to give artists as much money for their albums as possible (short of buying from their merch table at a show).

If I really like an album on Tidal or Spotify, I have to get a CD. To my ears, it still sounds better than streaming, but more importantly, I like to make sure artists get paid.

“Uh Oh!” is a brand new six-song EP from the Canadian duo, and if you’ve never heard Tennyson before, the new album’s not a bad place to start. I’m acutely aware that they just performed at the Fox Theatre on Wednesday. If any of you happened to catch that show, you know what I’m talking about.

Tennyon’s music is one part brain food for music nerds, and one part delicious-sounding electronic music with a dash of random binaural samples thrown in. What that means is every now and then, in a strategic pause of a song, a baby sneezes over your left shoulder. Or a marble rolls across the floor in front of you. Or someone slurps on a Big Gulp.

At the end of the title track of their last EP, “Like What,” the sonics of the song change dramatically to fit with the audible footsteps of a person running up stairs and opening doors on different floors. Each time a door is opened, the sound goes from muffled “outside of the club” to in your face, offering the first-person perspective of discovering different loud parties on different floors, all tuned to the same song.

How they pull this off is a mystery to me. It sounds so lifelike. Perhaps they really did set up rooms on different floors blasting music behind closed doors, just to time perfectly with the microphone holder opening the door. … But perhaps not.

Hope you got a chance to hear the duo at the Fox on their legendary sound system. If you’re just getting into Tennyson, “Like What” and “Uh Oh!” need to be on your download list pronto.

One last reminder

This is the weekend I’ve been looking forward to since last October: It’s time again for the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival. From Boulder, it’s about an hour drive to the Tech Center Marriott in Denver. But after that initial investment, tickets are just $10 per day to go hear the world’s best stereo systems in our own backyard.

Starting at noon Friday and 10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday, the show features manufacturers from around the world. It also houses a large mini festival just for headphones and portable music called CanJam. If you’re at all in the market for new earbuds or a headphone amp, you don’t want to miss this. More info at

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